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Top 8 Ways of Raising Good Children

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Top 8 Ways of Raising Good Children

Top 8 Ways of Raising Good Children

Top 8 ways of raising good children as very important. Children if not properly raised can turn out become very dangerous to society. The future of every child can be taunted if adequate and proper upbringing is not put into consideration.

The family is the place the child is born into. If a child don’ get adequate attention from her parents it’s possible she could want to get it elsewhere. Children need love and care. The only way to put a smile on their face is by giving them adequate love and attention.


Experience has shown that most children with poor home training turned out to become bad eggs. Parents should take care of their children very well. The child of today turns out to be the adult of tomorrow.

Some parents over-pampered their children. The outcome of over pampering is not also always funny. Any over-pampered child hardly takes correction. Some children flair up at every little correction because of the way they were brought up.


On a general note, if a child does something wrong proper correction should be meted out. The more you keep ignoring little errors in them the more they turn out to cause more problems. Raising children either morally or otherwise is the duty of parents.

Any child going to the larger society should be given the necessary training. The wilder society can be school, market, church, etc. Some children without supervision can be of good character. But some of the children can act wild without supervision.

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This article is going to emphatically talk about the top 8 ways of raising good children. The entire society is a product of a child. Every child is very important. No child should be neglected because of their conditions.


Home Training

Home is the first contact of every home. The child takes every bit of instruction from the parents. The parents provide adequate shelter and food for the child. From the time the child is born the parents take responsibility for the child.

The kind of home the child is born in matters a lot. Some families have different religious beliefs. That is why the child practically becomes a part of the religion. Form when the child is more some parents are already teaching their children their religion.

Furthermore, parents should teach their children how to carry out domestic chores. Most times parent doesn’t teach their children how to cook food. If the child grows especially female children, they may have issues and problems cooking for their husband.

Any child who doesn’t watch the mother cook at an early stage is bound to have problems. The recent cases of divorce in our society today boil down to an inability to cook. Some parents neglected that and are hurting their children now.

Home training as a matter of importance is one of the top 8 ways of raising good children. If parents can sit and make sure the right home training is given to their children it will help society. Children learn very fast and some very slow.

Teach them Good Manners

Parents should teach their children good manners. Manners shape the characters of a child. The parent to teach the children how to greet or respond to someone. Any child devoid of manners can be very rude to people including their parents.

Good manners are not bought from the market. The parent should show the children the acceptable way of greetings. In some parts of Nigeria especially the Yoruba people value greetings so much. It is expected that the child learns the mode of greetings.

If a child is not well mannered it will affect their performance all way round. Many children have been expelled from school on manner issues. The earlier you as a parent starts teaching your children about the manner and character the better.

Treat Children With Love And Care

Parents should learn how to treat their children with love and care. Any child who feels loved takes instruction from their parent. As parents, we can show them, love, by giving them the basic things of life. Give your children a good treat.

 Make sure you remember important dates in their life. Dates like birthdays should be taken very seriously and celebrated. Marking such dates makes them feel fulfilled and they will always appreciate it. Sometimes parents claim to be busy and forget about this kind of celebration.

In the village, parents buy Christmas clothes for their children. You mustn’t be left alone. No matter how it maybe makes necessary efforts to buy them the gifts. Some children become emotional when they see other children with clothes and they are left out.

Monitor The Kind of Friends They Keep

Parents should monitor the kind of friends their children keeps. Bad influence can ruin the life of a trained child. The fact is that children learn very fast. Imagine a child associating with a smoker or prostitutes.

Make sure you sit your children down and ask them about their friends. You can visit their school and ask their teacher about the kind of friends they keep. Sometimes the kind of friends might be that they are not serious with their studies.

Check out their daily routine. You can even ask your children to bring their friends home so you can interact with them. As parents you have every right to stop some friendship if you discover is going to hurt your child.

Check The Kind Of Programs They Watch

The kind of program children watch should be checked. They are some programs rated for 18 and children of 10years watching that program. The contents of that program might be very dangerous to the growth of that child.

Some movies and programs have sexual content that should not be watched by teenagers. Even parents should not watch programs in the presence of their children. Allowing them to watch such programs can expose them to dangers.

Children should be allowed to watch educational programs. Programs that can add to their educational life. Instruction should be given to the children not to watch the restricted channels. Parents can even subscribe to only channels that they want for their children.

Parents should time to time checkmate the kind of movies their children watch. If the children continue to watch some corrupt movie content, they can be easily influenced by the movie. Therefore adequate restrictions should be placed on such movies in the house.

Phone Restriction  

Phone restrictions should be placed on the phone. There is some setting stage a child should be in before getting a phone.  Some parents get phones for their children at a very tender age. The phone can pulp up any kind of content.

To be frank, most children learn bad things from their phones. A child should reach some stage because maturity is instrumental to the content viewed. From time to time parents should view their children’s phones and check what they are watching with the phone.

If you want to get a child a tablet, it should be configured in such a way that only specific content is used on the phone. Parents should also password their phones before dropping them off. The reason is that some children can sneak into their parent’s phones.

Give Your Children Quality Education 

The best give a parent can give to the child is education. Some parents have the resources but leave their children to roam the street. The parent must groom the child academically to stand the test of time.

Make sure you check their assignment regularly. Ensure children do their assignments very well. Create a good reading timetable for them. If you discover your child is relatively lazy in learning alone, you can engage them with home teachers.

It is necessary you go and see the school environment and check the school curriculum. School standards are measured in terms of teaching. Compare your child’s work to others and see if she is performing very well.

Education is no doubt one of the top 8 ways of raising good children. When a child is enlightened there is every probability of standing great among their peers. Critically speaking education teaches children the reality of life and also the necessity of life.

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Pray For Your Children

Prayer is very important to children’s life.  No matter the religion you find yourself in, try and pray for your children. Some children can be possessed by evil spirits. Such children should be taken to God in prayers.

Prayer is one of the top 8 ways of raising children. Make sure you make them dedicated to your religion. If you are Christian, make sure your children are dedicated members. Make sure they get friends in the church that build up their faith in God.

When a child grows in the way of the lord, it will be difficult for that child to deviate. Even if the parents are no more there they will have that consciousness of doing good things. A child left out of the church can decide to join a bad company.

In conclusion, children should be given adequate care and love. They should not be maltreated anyhow. Every intending parents must read this article to help them bring up their children. This article has critically discussed the top 8 ways of raising good children.


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