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How to Get Moniepoint POS Machine

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How to Get Moniepoint POS Machine

How to get Moniepoint POS machine is very easy and affordable. The central bank of Nigeria has granted Moniepoint. Since the operation of money started they offer banking services that helps companies manage operations, obtain loans and expand business horizon.

In comparison moniepoint’s POS charges are rather modest and among the least expensive in Nigeria. When you talk about charges and fee Moniepoint is cheaper compared to other POS machine.


About Moniepoint POS Machine and Moniepoint Charges

Moniepoint POS is very fast and quick in terms of network. The most vital feature is the ability to print receipts for customers instantly without delay. It creates revenue for the agents too.

Establishing yourself a mini-bank and making money through commission on people’s financial transactions through Moniepoint POS machine is very key.

Withdrawal Charges Fo Moniepoint POS Machine

Mostly, the withdrawal charges for Moniepoint POS changes according to number of transaction and volume of transaction carried out. The amount withdrawn increases so the fees increases as well.

Only 0.5% of transaction value is charged by Moniepoint for each withdrawal between N1 and N20,000.A fixed payment of N100 is charged by Moniepoint for transactions over N20,000.

A fixed amount of N20 is the transaction charge charged by Moniepoint to all banks in Nigeria when you want to transfer.



One of the requirements for Moniepoint’s POS agents is that they have a daily withdrawal value of at least N80,000; however, this varies depending on where you are. Additionally, as an agent, you must process at least four deposits via your POS device each day.


You would receive a 50% payback of the N25,000 paid at registration if an aggregator decides to take back your POS device within a year of it being issued to you for any reason.

You should not be concerned if you still have questions concerning problems with your POS equipment after purchasing it. Settlements and complaints involving Moniepoint Agents are typically resolved, and refunds are issued on the same day.

The Aggregator will also assign a POS machine engineer to take care of you and the other agents nearby. Every Moniepoint merchant and agent is also a member of a WhatsApp group with other agents, so they can discuss problems and share ideas.

You can reach Moniepoint by WhatsApp at +2348141500017 or send an email to support@moniepoint.com with any questions or concerns. Or click here for more details.

Cost of Moniepoint POS Machine

If you’re wondering how much the Moniepoint POS device would set you back, it’s around N25,000, which is less than the cost of the majority of POS devices you’ll find on the market.

How to Get a Moniepoint POS Machine?

You must be over the age of 18 and meet certain conditions in order to receive a Moniepoint POS. Own a smartphone, be a Nigerian, and be responsive and tech-savvy.

Additionally, you’ll need certain papers to satisfy KYC (know your customer) regulations, such as:


A legitimate photo ID, such as a passport, NIN, voter’s card, or driver’s licence

Utility Charges (waste bill, electricity bill, land-use charge, water bill, or tenancy agreement). Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) papers (for registered businesses only)


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Biometric Verification Number (BVN) is very important and necessary. typical account number used by all commercial banks.

The process of becoming a Moniepoint POS agent will begin if you fulfill the aforementioned conditions.

You just need to do the following actions to receive the Moniepoint POS:

Create an account by visiting the Moniepoint website.

Next, add your full name, email, phone number, and any other necessary information.

Then, if applicable, choose the other POS merchant service you’re using.

Next, click “Submit.”.

Within 48 hours, Moniepoint will confirm and get in touch with any new users who recently joined their site.

You will then be connected to the individual (aggregator) in charge of overseeing Moniepoint agents. From there, this aggregator will take over.

To complete your POS agent registration, you may also go to Moniepoint’s physical location at No.12 Wole Ariyo St, Lekki Phase 1. You will be guided by a Moniepoint employee through the registration procedure and the essential procedures to become a Moniepoint POS agent.


How to Fund Moniepoint POS wallet

Access your Moniepoint account after logging in, then go to the Wallet area.

Then, from the menu, choose Fund Wallet.

Then, transfer money to the selected account in accordance with the instructions you see. After that, submit a service request to reload your wallet, or call or use WhatsApp to contact Moniepoint support along with payment documentation.


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