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10 Best Secondary Schools In Gboko

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10 Best Secondary Schools In Gboko

10 Best Secondary Schools In Gboko

The 10 best secondary schools in Gboko are very affordable. The value of education is very important. Students in the secondary section deserve better education and learning. Gboko is one of the major towns in Benue.

The important thing to know about these schools is their academic performance. The level of performance both academically and morally wise should be put into consideration. Most of these schools complete both their curriculum and their syllabus.


Wondering where to get the best secondary education in the city of Gboko for yourself or ward?
These statistics have been taken based on conscious research and are rated according to the records of the academic, social, and extra-curricular performances of these schools.

The schools have equipped science laboratories. They have adequate and qualified teachers who have attained the necessary teaching experience. Sometimes the school sends students abroad on an excursion.


Recently one of the schools sent their students abroad for further training. The training was on ICT and innovations. These schools organize inter-school quiz completion among themselves.

The schools have good boarding facilities. They also have enough space for games and other sports. The attitude of teachers toward students is very good. The teachers in these schools are student-friendly.

In terms of discipline, the school maintains a high standard of discipline among the students. Students who are slow to learn are given extra classes by special teachers. This enables the students to meet up with academic work.

It is very important to state here that these schools meet international standards. The school fees are affordable for parents to pay except for a few ones. The missionary schools reduce their fees so that parents can be to pay.


Students are encouraged to use the library in school. The school has enough material in the library to enable students to carry out research and their assignments. There are constant electrical supplies and adequate water.

This article is designed to unveil the 8 best schools in Gboko Benue state. Every parent who wishes their ward to perform better should not take this article for granted. The schools have proven their worth over the years.

CDM Academy International

Located at 5.6. Akuhwa Gong Estate, Mkar, Gboko. CDM Academy is a co-educational, private boarding school that offers qualitative and affordable education for all. The school is well aerated and properly structured to provide a serene and healthy learning environment for the learners.

With a staff of experienced and educated individuals to fully impact knowledge to the learners, active participation in sports, club activities, science expos, performing arts, religious and other extracurricular activities. 

The science laboratories are well furnished and equipped with the necessary apparatus to enhance practical learning. The dormitories are ultra-modern, thereby, creating a healthy living space for learners. If you are in search of the most promising school out there, CDM is a must-go.

 Princess Adeja international college Akaajime Gboko.

A coeducational, combined boarding and day private secondary school known for excellent performance in academics. Princess Adeja is a place where nature is appreciated and this is proven by the presence of geographical gardens, glasshouses, and other structures located here. 

The school urges learners to explore with regular excursions and outdoor functions like club activities, science competitions, etc. The dormitories are spacious; two double bunks to contain four people per room with a refrigerator and a controlled television set, good toilet facilities.

The school admits a maximum of 40 students annually, and these are students who have scored an average of 70 percent and above in the common entrance examination which is, of course, organized by the school. Princess Adeja is always the right place for quality education and good child exposure.

 Calvary Arrows College Gboko.

Calvary Arrows College is a co-educational boarding secondary school that provides practical training to prepare students for their future careers. Here, the school provides learners with quality teachers and good equipment to enhance the practical learning process and the same time impacts healthy religious values in them.

The school is primarily science-triggered, therefore, all facilities are been put in place. Looking to raise the best computer, electrical, civil engineers, and masters of mathematics? Calvary arrow is a sure plug.

 Queen of the Rosary Secondary School Gboko.

An all-girls boarding missionary secondary school located at the heart of the town. The school is aimed at providing holistic education for the girl child, building her up to become a woman of substance and valor. Queen of the Rosary is one of the 10 best secondary schools in Gboko.

The school is well aerated, spacious, and beautiful; providing a healthy learning environment. Standard laboratories, good hostel accommodation, healthy feeding,  equipped sickbay, good sporting facilities, excellent performance in external examinations, marvelous performance in sciences, fine and applied arts, a large multipurpose hall for both religious and social activities, and an ultra-modern CBT center. What more would you ask for? Queen of the Rosary Secondary School is an all-in-one package.

 Sora Heights International College Gboko (Living seed). 

Sora is built and structured in a grand style. It is a private secondary school, set up not long ago but the academic performance of students has brought them to the top ten. This can be proven from their records of Olympiads, Cowbell and MAN, etc. competitions and their active participation in club events.

Sora comprises a team of qualified and experienced teaching and non-teaching staff, raising students who are confident and brilliant. Sora Heights is one of the 10 best secondary schools in Gboko.

 W.M Bristow Secondary School Gboko.

Bristow is owned by the NKST church. It is a co-educational missionary school known for discipline and high academic performance, they have an excellent record of external exams, academic competitions, and sports competitions.

The staff of Bristow are known as strict disciplinarians and are always apt to perform their duty. Religious activities are active on the school compound so the learners can not only learn classroom work, but also good morals and teachings of religion.

Bristow secondary school has produced many professors and deans of colleges. The school has produced a lot of qualified students who are doing wonders in the university. Most of the students came best in their respective schools.

Government Girls Secondary School Gboko.

A girls’ Government-owned secondary school was set up to give the female children quality and affordable education. The school prioritizes the well-being of the girl and her education.

An institution set up to produce women who are intelligent, confident, and formidable people in society. The school staff qualified teaching and non-teaching staff, who are always active concerning the affairs of the students put under their care.

Exchange programs after conducted for deserving students to enable them to explore other schools to enhance the learning procedure. Government Girls Secondary School Gboko is one of the 8 best schools in Gboko.

 Excel Grace secondary school Gboko.

The school is located at Akaajime Gboko almost sharing boundaries with Princess Adeja international school. Excel Grace is s co-educational, combined day and boarding Secondary school known worldwide for excellent performances in Mathematics and external examinations.

The school prioritizes basic classroom work above every other thing, thereby proof dices students who are focused, straightforward, and driven. The school provides healthy accommodation for the boarding students making sure they are comfortable and in the right state of mind to learn well.

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The students from Excel Grace usually perform exceedingly well in external examinations and outdoor science and Mathematics competitions. Without a doubt, Excel Grace secondary school has proven to be the best. Excel is one of the 10 best secondary schools in Gboko.

Kimota Science College Gboko.

Kimota is a co-educational day school. The school as the name implies is science-based, looking forward the producing the greatest scientists Nigeria has the offer. Kimota school comprises individuals with high technical know-how who after their learners properly.

All the science laboratories are modern and up to date with the necessary apparatus to make the learning of science and computer studies easy and fun. More interestingly, the students Fortin Kimota perform well in external exams.

Government Secondary School Gboko.

GSS Gboko is a co-educational, combined day and boarding school with comfortable accommodation for the boarding students. The school is known for high academic excellence and is the headquarters of all that partakes in external exams and science, are, and Mathematics competitions in Gboko.

The school produces students who are brilliant, disciplined, and self-reliable. A major contributory factor of the school is its entrepreneurship drive. They have a strong database of young innovative prospects.

Over time, GSS Gboko has contributed greatly to society. Both vocational learning and skill acquisition are taught in GSS. Most of the electrical installation is done by the students. They have gotten experience through skills acquisition.

A recent landmark is the winning of an award from art and culture. GSS won the best category in the concluded Benue art and culture. The school is the best place to take your children to if you want to learn very well and fast.

Considering the above statistics, the choice is yours to make. The schools mentioned above are top-notch. They always deliver on their promises. They have necessary facilities and equipment that stand the test of time.




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