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 Top 4 Festivals in Idoma Land

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Top 4 Festivals in Idoma Land

Top 4 Festivals in Idoma Land

The top 4 festivals in Idoma land are very entertaining.  A Festival is a feast celebrated either annually or perennially. The Idoma tribe in Benue state celebrates festivals inherited from their ancestors. The celebration is an epic one as people travel from far and near to celebrate with loved ones.

The celebration gives an avenue for the community to showcase their culture. Most times the community spend a lot of money on the festival. The festival is one of the greatest times in the life of some people. Festivity is not something one will miss out on anything because of the glamour.

People staying outside the community have to come to pay respect to their various communities. Celebration is very important because of the integration and important issues discussed during the festival.

Sometimes the celebration is devoid of every religious belief and fanatic. In as much as the community calls for an opinion, they are careful not to deviate from the culture and tradition of the community. The community respects the festival date without compromise.

Furthermore, the neighboring community attends most of the festivals with high delegation. The festival is attended by people of the high class including political and business moguls. The value placed on the festival makes it very popular.

The main event is characterized by a sign that the festival is approved by the gods. Some of the festivals come with heavy rain while others are marked by a strong wind. The sign shows that the gods are pleased with the festival.

Idoma people occupy the zone c axis of Benue state. They are said to be offspring of the kwararafa kingdom of the ancient Igala umpire. Most of the tradition is practically inherited from the kingdom. Many aspects of the festival seem very colorful to watch while others look horrific. The top 4 festivals in idoma land should not be taken for granted.

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During the festival, different music groups are allowed to showcase their musical talent. Both circular musicians are also allowed to perform to entertain the guest. The occasion is also a way of raising funds to develop the community.

The state government makes adequate preparation for the event. They provide finance and other logistics for the festival. The governor of the state makes a personal appearance at some of the festivals to witness the occasion.

This article is going to unveil the top 4 festivals in Idoma land. The festival speaks well of the entire zone c. If you are around Benue and you have not attended any of the festivals then you are missing out seriously.

Eje Alekwu Ugboju

Eje Alekwu Ugboju is one oftop 4 festival in Idoma land. The colorful event is characterized by heavy rain. This celebration is usually one in a year. People travel from different parts of the country to celebrate this festival.

During the festival, all business activities are suspended. The law of the land supersedes every other land. Ugboju community is located in Otukpo State. The number one citizen of the community meets with the council of elders to fix a date.

Before choosing the date for the festival, the gods of the land is being consulted. The resolution of the council is communicated to the community through the town crier.  At the announcement of the date, the community is thrown into great jubilation.

Both men and women shout at the tip of their voices. Some people celebrate with talking drums because of the date and the celebration ahead. The date was announced twenty-one days before the event. Announcement of the date gives people an avenue to prepare for the event.

Alekwu is the god of jealousy in idoma land. The purpose of the celebration is to mark the day the god fought for the community and won the fight. It’s just an avenue to pay the gods back according to the belief of the Ugboju people. G

Different age groups troop out with their colorful uniform to celebrate the wonderful event. The cultural band plays a very important role during the ceremony. They play cultural songs when it is seven days to the occasion.

People bring out different food. Husband gives their wives enough money to prepare something delicious for the event. The occasion pays attention to food and local drinks like palm wine and assorted drinks available.

Every family is expected to bring enough food that can be enough for the visitor. Some of the local dishes prepared that day includes the poplar Okoho soup. Different dance group comes out to dance and entertain the quest.

Some of the dance and masquerades appear only ones in a year. That is the reason why people are always eager to attend the Aje Alekwu Ugboju festival. If you are looking out for any festival in Idoma land, the best place to go is Ugboju.

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 Igede Agba Festival

This is one of the most celebrated festivals in the Idoma kingdom. The festival is celebrated to mark the new yam season. Igede Agba festival is to also thank their ancestors and gods of the land for a good farming season.

People travel across the country to celebrate this colorful event. The high point of this event is the showcase of different species of yam. It is during the celebration that an award is given to the best farmer of the season.

The criteria for the award of the best farmer is based on the farmer with the largest and biggest yam. Sometimes the prices range from a cash or a car. That award serves as motivation and encouragement to put more effort into the next farming season.

A wrestling competition is organized to add color and beauty to the event. The heavyweight wrestlers compete with themselves while the lightweight slugs it with each other. Important dignitaries attend the festival in big form.

Different masquerades come out to entertain guests. Some people sometimes bring their friends to witness this colorful event. During the Igede Agba festival, people are not allowed to either go to the farm. The reason is that it shows respect and value for the culture of the Igede people.

In addition, nobody is permitted to cook any food apart from ponded any yam-related food. Every food is gathered at the village square to make sure the food goes around. The climax of the event is the declaration of the winner of the wrestling.

It is no doubt Igede Agba is one of the top 7 festivas in Idoma land. The igede people occupy one-third of the ethnic group in Idoma land. They are friendly people. The igede nations as a whole are very friendly with each other.

Awume Day 

Awume day is celebrated by the Awume community. The celebration is marked to remember the founding fathers of the community. Every year people travel from far and near to embrace the wonderful occasion. Awume day is one of the top 4 festivals in Idoma lands.

Literally speaking the occasion has generated a lot of attraction by the neighboring community. The organization of the event is top notch. Both local and national media comes to take part in the occasion. They add color and glamour to the occasion.

In addition, the event is attended by the twelve countries that make up the community. Each village is expected to contribute a goat each. The goat is used to perform some rituals and sacrifices to please their gods.

Frankly speaking, the wave of the event will make you want the event to be every day. After the sacrifice is made the remaining meat is consumed by both visitors and the Awume people. Government functionaries attend the occasion.

The event also marks the beginning of another season. The festival is to help elect new statutory delegates that will represent the community for any kind of project. Most times the event is seen as the only avenue that can produce trustworthy people.

In a nutshell, Awume day is one of the top 4 festivals in Idoma kingdom. Awume is located in Ohimini local government area of Benue state. The community is very peaceful and well secured for any visitor intending to attend the occasion.

The twelve community showcase their masquerades. Each masquerade has a different dance pattern. The event is very colorful as it gives you the avenue to meet different people. Activities like football completion are not left out of the celebration.

Agatu Fishing Festival

The fishing festival is one of its kind in Idoma nation. It is a festival that has come to stay. Every year people have to showcase their talent through fishing. A great harvest of fish is anticipated every year from the fishermen.

Agatu is surrounded by water. The river is large and boasts of different kinds of fish. Usually, the date is always announced before the fishing day to enable the fishermen to prepare for the fishing festival. Both men are women are allowed to fish.

Every year an award is given to the best fisherman. Usually, the person with the biggest fish is declared the winner. People visit from different areas to partake in the eye-catching festival. Much local fishing equipment is exhibited to order to add more color to the event.

 The fishing festival last for two days. On the first day no one is allowed to enter the river. All the fishermen are assembled in one place to give them directives on what to do. The rules of the festival are read out clearly for them to avoid casualties.

The event also witnesses a large turnout of traders. Some fish trader attends event just to buy fish and sell them. Is no doubt that the Agatu fishing festival is among the top 4 festivals in idoma land. The festival is concluded with a powerful display of cultural dance and other side attractions.

In conclusion, these top 4 festivals in Idoma land calls for global attention and recognition by international communities. Even with the coming of Christianity, the festival still holds in many communities across Idoma land. pease you are advised to attend and see the beauty of the festival.

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