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6 Major Markets In Idekpa and Ugboju

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6 Major Markets In Idekpa and Ugboju

6 Major Markets In Idekpa and Ugboju

6 major markets in Idekpa and Ugboju should not be neglected. The markets have served as an economic ground for the local government. These markets generate a lot of revenue for the local government. The mode of operation of the market is easy.

Before the coming of this market, the populace travel far to get their agricultural products sold. In a very good time and factor, this market has helped the people immensely. The local government area has a lot of raw materials that needed a good market for the products.

The coming of the market has boosted industrial activities in the area. It has countlessly reduced the wastage of farm products. Most communities now have a market of their own. They frequently visit the market and display their products for people to buy.

The greatest turning point of the market is the construction of access roads in the community. Good road in the local government has helped easy accessibility of the market. Even though they’re a lot of challenges facing the market, it is still very viable.

The truth of the matter is that most of these markets are controlled and financed by the local government. The staff and the shops are controlled by the government. People visit the markets from far and near to buy things. Idekpa is the headquarters of Ohimini local government area. The good network of road has turned headquarter into an industrial hub. Some of the markets serve as a raw material markets for people in Lagos and Port Harcourt.

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The main purpose of this article is to critically unveil the 6markets market in Idekpa Ohimini local government area of Benue state. Some people hardly visit the market because of the logistic problem involved.

Onyangede Ede Market

Onyangede market is one of the 6 major markets in Idekpa Ohimini local government. This Onyangede market is known for cassava and Garri. The market is located in ogoli village spraying across Abakpa.

In a nutshell, the onyangede market contributes more than half of the revenue of Ohimini. The market is very large. Its host everybody including indigene and non-indigene. In the early stage of the market, there are challenges because of the bad roads in the area. The government has helped a lot in the aspect of road construction and rural electrification. Agricultural products like rice, beans, and cassava are the major goods in the onyagede market.

 Onyangede market has made the community known to the entire nation. Many people from the east buy food products at a cheaper rate. The market is after every five days. Mostly the onyangede market is known for garri. One of the 6 major markets in Idekpa and Ugboju is Onyangede market.

If you are a trader and you have not visited the Onyangede market then you are missing. Traders always smile at the bank because of the profit they always make from farm products. One important thing about the market is the good security network.

Okwudu Market 

Okwudu market is a popular market in Ugboju. The market is majorly characterized by the number of people in the market. Okwudu is the heart of Ugboju. Anyone in the Benue state must have visited the market

The market is very close to Idekpa. It is a market known for the selling of yam and palm wine. The Okwudu market has been graded a first-tier market by the Benue ministry of commerce. Many traders from both east and west.

This market is close to Otukpo. Okwudu market contributes high revenue for the local government. The market is financed and managed by the local government. This Okwudu market is after every five days. The shop rent is paid to the local government.

Is no doubt that the Okwudu market is yam depot. This market supplies quality yams at a very cheap price. The market is populated because of the availability of different species of palm wine and other assorted local drinks in the market.

If you are looking for market in Idekpa/Otukpo, you have to visit the Okwudi market. Okwudu market is one of the oldest markets in the Ohimini local government area of the state. If not for anything, the market has a good standard shop and adequate power supply.

Akpa Otobi Market

The market is located close to the federal government college Otobi. This popular wood market is indeed very big. The market is after every four days. People visit other local governments to get large quantities of firewood.

This market is located in Otukpo Benue state. The market is also financed and managed by the community. The talking point of this market is how the market is neatly arranged. Firewood is sold very cheaply and is affordable in the market.

It is glaring that the Akpa Otobi market is one of the 6 major markets in Idekpa/Otukpo Benue state. The market founded recently is making a lot of revenue for the local government. Apart from firewood, the market is also fast growing in sales of local foodstuffs. As a matter of fact Akpa Otobi market is one of 6 major markets in Idekpa and Ugboju.

 The community influences the price of the market. They ensure no arbitrary price in the market. Most times they send monitoring groups to monitor the prices in the market. If you are looking for a firewood market then the answer is the Akpa Otobi market.

Otukpo Main Market

Otukpo main market is the biggest market in the area. The market cover rs large area of land. It serves as a market to other markets. It is located in the busy Otukpo main town. The market is predominantly occupied by the Igbos.

The trader settles down there permanently. The major foodstuff of all kinds is sold in the market. The product sold in the market is not only limited to foodstuff but also sells electronics and other raw materials.

Otukpo main market is one of the 6 major markets Idekpa/Otukpo. The market contributes the highest revenue to Otukpo local government. It is managed and financed by the local government. Without living any stone untouched, the market has a very good security network. Majorly people from Imo and Abia states patronize the market. The market is an everyday market unlike the other markets mentioned earlier. Furthermore, the market is very neat and the shop is well arranged to accommodate large traders.

The market is arranged according to the product sold. Unlike other unorganized markets, Otukpo main market has different settlements for different kinds of products. Since the market is every day people always trip at any time to get what they want.

Ojali market

Ojali market is along Otukpo Ohimini road. The market even though not too big is very unique. They showcase mostly agricultural products. The market is known as the fruit market. Since vegetables are perishable goods, the market is always every day.

The talking point of the market is the greenish nature of leaves sold there. People bring fruits and vegetables from different areas. Ojali is not far from otukpo. Traders come from Otukpo to buy goods and resale them in the main market.

If you are looking for a fruit market, then it the best to visit Othe jali market. The market is financed and managed by the Ojali community. Ojali market contributes its quotas in terms of revenue to the local government.

Ojali market is one of the 6 major markets in Idekpa/Otukpo. Recently the market is now selling things like foodstuff and other essential goods. Many people travel from far to come and patronize the market.

Even the passerby stopped to get things for their loved ones. The market is located along a busy road so it makes it easy for traders to sell very high. Ojali market is one of the 6 major markets in Idekpa and Ugboju.

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Ogoli Ukwo Market

Ogoli market is among the top 6 major markets Idekpa/Ugobju area. The market is after every five days. It is known for the sale of local farm input and baskets. The market is very attractive in terms of facilities.

Ukwo market is managed by the Ugboju community. It has generated a lot of resources for the community. In addition, the market is well secured with the community vigilante groups. The vigilante groups make sure nothing is stolen from both the buyer and the seller.

People come from different villages to buy farm inputs like hoe, cutlass, fertilizers, etc. The market is the only one around that area where you can get things very cheap. Most times people bring things to repair like a knapsack sprayer.

This article has categorically unveiled the 6 major markets in Idekpa and Ugboju community. If you are looking for where to buy different varieties of goods then visit these markets. Things in these markets are cheap and affordable.  

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