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10 Easy Tips For Passing Jamb Without Stress

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10 Easy Tips For Passing Jamb Without Stress

10 easy tips for passing jamb without stress is very good to know. Often students ask questions that demand an answer. The truth is that there is no shortcut to success. If you are a student you must read your books very well.

Examination generally comes with different forms of drama. Some students hardly read for general exams. The fear that comes with examinations if not properly handled can even make someone fail the examination.

The joint matriculation board always gives guidelines to students. The guild is to give students direction on what to read and area of study. Normally, jamb sets exams based on the student’s academic calendar and syllabus.

Students are advised to read their books very well. The exam board gives absolute notice to students enabling them to prepare very well. The exam is written every year by students who want to further their education in the university or any institution of their choice.

Some students write awaiting results. The awaiting results give students the avenue to write the exam while waiting for their results. Jamb is a very organized exam body that tends to bring the best out of the student in their different chosen carrier and endeavors.

The matriculation board releases the results very fast. They release the result to enable students to know their scores and prepare hard for their WAEC and NECO examinations. The exam has been a good test of excellence for most of the students.

The performance result in jamb is through hard work. Many students performed poorly because of inadequate preparations. Some students failed because of exam tension and the fear of failure. Most students are not used to computer-based tests and thus they fumble during exams.

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This article is designed to unveil the 10 ways of passing jamb with ease. After this article, the majority of students would find it very easy to pass the Jamb exam. The essence is to acquaint students with the requisite knowledge and understand the basic concepts.

In order not to fall victim of failure, you must make sure you follow this article with seriousness. The most important thing about passing the exam is to make sure you further your education. Moving forward, students should be very rational in reading to pass their exams.


The first thing is registration for the jamb. Registration gives the candidate the very possible best to register for the exam. Students are always given the exam code and number during the registration and the date of the exam is scheduled for them.

Registration sometimes takes two to three months. The board opens the portal for interested candidates to apply to the University of their choice. Students who did not register no matter how intelligent the students are, cannot sit for the examination.

Furthermore, any students who want to pass the exam should register in the cafe. The registration slip is sprinted out for attendance and possible verification during the examination. The slip is very important for documentation and clearance purposes.

The idea behind the registration is to make provisions for both attendance and the center for the candidates. Because sometimes some students can forget their exam centers and it is very necessary.

Getting The Jamb Syllabus

The jamb syllabus gives the students areas of concentration. It equally spells out the place to expect in the examination. Some students from average schools might not have covered some areas, the syllabus is there to guide them on the areas to expect questions and make adequate preparation.

Peradventure the students do not cover the syllabus then it will be very difficult for them to pass. So the jamb syllabus should not be taken for granted. As a student who is planning to pass the jamb, you must have it in the back of your mind that the syllabus is very much important.

The syllabus most often gives direction on the area of coverage. It also gives a detailed insight as to what will be the very areas questions can come from.  The syllabus is documented to give students the ability to read with direction.

Most often the area of coverage is very vast and it gives students a lot of problems. If students know the area of coverage it will be very easy for them to concentrate and pass very well. The idea of fast reading is very good but it can make the work very bulky. Getting the syllabus is one of the 10 easy tips for passing a jamb.

Studying Past question and Answers   

Past questions and answers are one of the 10 easy tips for passing jamb with flying colors. The probability of repeating questions is very large. Sometimes examiners do not have all the time to set new questions and as such they repeat questions.

Reading questions also makes the student to be acquainted with the pattern of the question. It makes the student used to the questions. A student who does not study past questions tends to find the pattern of the exam very strange on that day.

The ability of the student to answer the questions very well is an added advantage. Students with requisite knowledge of the past questions and answers can go into the examination hall confidently and write exams without fear.

In a nutshell, past questions and answers are one of the 10 easy tips for passing the exam. The study packs for students can be gotten from the market or any of the bookshops for students. Make sure you answer the questions repeatedly to get used to most of the questions.

Time management

Time management is very vital for students that want to pass jamb with flying colors.  Nowadays jamb exam is computer-based. Students are advised to make sure they effectively manage their time very well to avoid hard stories. Students to answer easy questions before the hard ones. To maximize time, one must be very careful of the time attached to a particular question. Because failure to answer questions before the time will automatically submit itself.

The time that is apportioned to each paper is specified in other not to be caught up in the middle of time. Most times students find it difficult because they are not taught time management from the beginning and thus it becomes very hard for them to handle.

Start The Simple Questions

When answering questions in jamb it is expected that you start from the simple to the complex ones. The idea is to get the right answers as fast as possible. When you waste time just on a question it will hinder you from answering the other ones.

Jamb is a computer-based exam. Once your time elapses the system automatically submits the ones answered. There is no room for late submission of answers. The idea of starting from the simple to the complex has helped many students to excel very well in jamb exams.

All things being equal, the basic rudiment of exams is to pass. Good students always start from a very simple to complex so to cover or answer many questions as possible before time. The faster the student the better for the exam

Make sure To Cross Check Answers before Submission  

Checking your answers before submitting them is very important. It forms the 10 easy tips for passing a jamb without stress. Sometimes we make mistakes and we feel all is well. The important thing is that we must thoroughly check our answers to avoid heartbreaking stories.

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Students try to submit answers without taking a good look at them. It will be very painful to make mistakes that are just attributed to the numbering of the work. Such mistakes are even more painful than when you don’t know the answer completely.

Attending Jamb Special Classes

Some special classes are arranged by teachers to improve performance in jamb. Such classes should be taken very seriously. The reason for organizing the special class is to solve serious problems and areas not handled by class teachers.

Most often such classes start in the evening to allow other students returned from their school. The importance of this special class is to keep the students very updated with the exam form and pattern of the questions.

Stay Close With Other Jamb Students

Staying close with other like minds is very important to pass jamb with ease. Like the saying, iron sharpens iron. If you meet your fellow students and stay close to them, there is every probability of learning from them.

The things you learn from friends or close associates can stay with you for long. Passing of jamb is very easy if the necessary tips mentioned in this article are followed very well. The exam now is computer-based and it is made up of objective questions.

Set a Standard

The setting of the standard is among the 10 ways of passing jamb with ease. When preparing for jamb exams make sure the standard you set for the exams is very high. When the standard is very high, the probability of scoring the same in the exam is high.



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