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Top 6 Ways To Be Successful In The University

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Top 6 Ways To Be Successful In The University

Top 6 Ways To Be Successful In The University

Education is a vital tool in fighting ignorance. Tertiary education is important to the development of the mental being. Students want to further their education after secondary school in other to acquire more knowledge.

Every year students jostle for university education. Any student has hidden potential in him/her. The ability of students to bring out the best in him or themselves makes him/outstanding. The vital aspect of education is to emerge with good results.

This article is to critically raise basic principles to excel in the university. If you think education is expensive ignorance is neither an option. The wise saying that education is the bedrock of every society is very true.

A student who wants to get into the university would have to pass different exams. The exam ranges from primary down to secondary school. A good student from the secondary performs very well in the matriculation exams.

Joint Admission and matriculation exam (JAMB) organize exams for students seeking admission. The exam is of a great standard that can give the students all the best. Students who want to pass this exam go through different preparation and tutorials.

In general terms, education can be demanding but the price is worth it. As a student, good preparation is paramount to everyone who wants to be successful in education. University education is very different from secondary school education.

The university setting is a wild settlement and as such better preparation is vital. The success of every student in the university is characterized by dedication and commitment. A student who graduates with flying colors has a significant story to tell.

After passing the exam, students are given admission into the University of their choice. The admission is based on merit. Students are expected to perform better in their respective courses of study. The most university also accepts students on scholarship.

In other to excel in the university, student needs to take the following ten points very important. These points will help guild students in academic excellence.

Reading time table 

 Any student who wants to do well in the university is expected to draw out time table. The timetable guides the student on the subject to read. It specifically shapes the student’s time and reading attitude. Reading timetable has helped many first-class students.

The time they say is money. But in academics, time is knowledge and wealth. Thus a time plan will ensure a student gets the best out of the available. The university curriculum is very choked and demanding. As such a good allocation of time will go a long way.

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The essence of this life is time and how it is effectively used. The course should be arranged in such a way that no one is left out. The nature of the reading timetable should make provision for rest. The brain needs to rest for assimilation.

A reading timetable is very important and necessary in life. It shows how to effectively use the correct time and reading hours. In nutshell, any student who wants to perform well at the university should have a reading timetable.

Attending Lectures

Any students who don’t attend lectures are preparing to fail. During lectures, the lecturer gives an elaborate explanation of the lecture note. There are things the lecturer will say they will not be there in the lecture note.

 How will students stay in the school and will not attend a lecture? Lecture time should not be used for other activities. A lecturer will not wait for anyone and such lectures should be a priority. A lot of students make the mistake of absenting themselves from lectures.

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The university curriculum is quite different from secondary and primary school. No lecturer will punish a student for not attending a lecture. Critically speaking it is better to attend lectures than to collect jotted materials from students.

The importance of attending lectures is that sometimes the lecturer gives an impromptu test. The test can form parts of the assessment for the students. Inability to take part in such a test may end up reducing the GPA of the students.

Any mark lost in the university counts. A mark can stop a student from entering a class or degree. As such any students that want to perform well in the university should have at least 90% of lecture attendance.

Sometimes it is not possible to have 100% attendance. But students should strive as much as possible to avail themselves of lectures. It has helped so many students in attaining greater academic feet. Sincerely speaking, the lecture is very important.

Avoid Bad companies

Evil companies corrupt good morals. School is a place to meet new friends. But in making new friends one should be careful. Some friends can sway you from doing the right thing. If you want to excel in the university then take this point very seriously.

In choosing a friend at the university, look for someone that will add value to you. If you choose a friend that is not serious is disastrous. Make companies with serious-minded students especially students in your department.

Some friends can implicate you. In the university, people come from different backgrounds and cultures. If proper care is not taken you can easily be influenced by bad friends. Some of these friends indulge in social vises like cultism and prostitution.

In most universities, if a student is caught in cult-related activities it can lead to expulsion. If you are expelled it will automatically ruin your academic carrier. Most of the time no university will be willing to admit you again.

Avoid Exam Malpractice

Exam malpractice is a punishable offense. Any student who wants to perform well in the university should not think of exam malpractice. Malpractice involves coping with your mate during exams. Also bringing answers to the exam halls.

In recent times, universities expel students from universities because of exam malpractice. No matter how brilliant you might be, once you indulge in exam malpractice there is no two way about it. The punishment for exam malpractice is very fierce.

Most universities set up students’ security to monitor exams. Sometimes they sit in exams like normal students. Most of them are not students. They are in the exam hall to monitor the exams and report any case of exam malpractice to the lecturer.

Therefore in other not to implicate yourself, you need not engage in exam malpractice. This point is a piece of great advice to those that want to come out with flying colors. Because the experience of being expelled is worse than not going to school at all.

Prepare for Exams Test

Exams and tests are vital in grading students’ understanding of every course. Students are expected to read their books during exams. Any student who refused to read during the examination is planning to fail. University exams are not different from other exams.

When preparing for an exam you need to read with understanding and avoid distraction. Make sure you cover every bit of the course outline. Sometimes students go the extra mile to read through the night and others come out in flying colors.

If you want to perform well in the university you need to crack all your brain and prepare well for the examination. Education is not magic therefore any preparation made will go a long way in helping students’ performance.

In preparing for exams you should focus on the main area of interest. Don’t jam-pack things together. Make sure you read with understanding and assimilate things you have read very well.  

Writing Examination/Test

During exams, you are expected to write very well. Make sure you start from the simple questions before attending to the difficult ones. Each exam carries different times and marks as such you are expected to make proper use of time.

Don’t waste all your time trying to answer just one question. Try another one. In schools where exams are computer-based. The moment the time elapses the system will automatically short down. If you waste time much it going to affect your performance.

Make sure your answers are correctly written and neatly presented. For students doing calculations make sure you try and show all your workings. You don’t just straight and provide answers; your answers must contain a possible solution.

If the objective involves the shedding of answers, make sure you shade appropriately. Follow the instruction of the examiner carefully and the issue of exam failure will not be far from you. Any exams that have the option to choose from, make sure you choose the one you have full knowledge of.

The examination comes in different forms and formats. The exam can be subjective or objective. The exam can be oral or written. Sometimes examination comes in form of presentation and defense. Your ability to make effective use of exam form makes your understanding.

Make sure you submit your exam paper before leaving the premises. And obey the examiner at the elapse of time to avoid mark deductions. Some of the examiners deduct marks for flaunting their submission rules.

You are to take every test as important as exams. A test can be a form of assignment. It can be participation in the class. Some lecturers award marks to students for participation and answering a question in class.

In the university, no knowledge is a waste thus take every bit of academics very seriously and you will perform excellently in your exams. For every price paid there is always a reward therefore strived to make the best out of the little.

If you want to be successful in the university then you have to follow this article with serious attention.

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