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Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Salary Structure Update (New Increase)

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Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Salary Structure Update (New Increase)

The Nigeria immigration service (NIS) is a paramilitary organization. They function as watch dog for illegal migrants and handling of travel papers around in the country. There are to function as border management security in Nigeria.

The service was established by act of parliament in 1963. Currently they have their headquarters in Abuja Nigeria. The agency as a matter of fact issue travel passport and document to people travelling out of the country.

Overtime the salary of the Nigeria immigration service has remained static until the Nigeria government increased the salary.

Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Salary Structure Update (New Increase): Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is one of the paramilitary bodies in the country, saddled with the responsibility of controlling people entering or leaving Nigeria, Issuing traveling papers and residence permits among many other functions

Like other agency the salary structure is well organized and paid. If you must know more about the salary structure of the Nigeria immigration you have to visit the official pages of the agency to know more about them.

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The emphasis of the post is to understand how much men and women of the Nigeria Immigration Service are paid at the end of the month


As we all know, the salary structure of NIS is the same as the Custom service, NSCDC, and the Police, but very different from the Navy, Air force, and the Army.

This is because the salary structure of NIS works on the basis of the “CONPASS.”- Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure

Before we dig deep into the NIS salary structure, it is very important we look at the ranks, which plays important role in paying salaries to all workers of NIS


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Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Salary Structure Update (New Increase)

The ranking system of the Nigeria Immigration Service

Comptroller General Immigration Service (CGIS)


Assistant Comptrollers General (ACGI)


Superintendent of Immigration (AC)


Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI)

Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII)

Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)

Immigration Assistant (IA)

Passport Officer

Nigeria Immigration Salary Structure New Increase

The new increase is based on the 30,000 naira minimum wage and not the formal 18,000 naira


The highest rank in NIS, which is the Comptroller General, goes home with a salary of ₦3 million per year


Passport officers starting salary can be as little as 30,000 Naira per month.


The average salary the Immigration Service in Nigeria will earn as a graduate should at least be ₦150,000 per month with other attached benefits and bonuses.


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