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Full Implementation Of New Salary Structure Of Nigerian Police (20% Increment)

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Full Implementation Of New Salary Structure Of Nigerian Police (20% Increment)

The long awaited period for the implementation of the new salary structure of the Nigeria police is over. Some officers over the week start receiving alerts while some are yet to receive because of the bank network.

The arears of the new salary structure will be paid and every officers will receive alert. So don’t panic if you are yet to receive alert from the bank. This is coming shortly after directive from president Buhari to increase the salary of the Nigerian police.


The Federal Government has approved a 20% increase for men and women of the Nigeria Police Force


The Federal Government has officially approved a 20% increase for the Nigeria Police Force, making a new begging in revamping the prestigious and respected police force in Africa.

Below is the summary of the old and the new increment of police monthly salary

Old salary                                             new salary (20%)

Inspector General                                                       938,578                                                   1,126,294

commisioner  of police                                              516,703                                                   620,044


Deputy Commissioner of Police                                255788                                              306,946


Assistant Commissioner of Police                               232,741                                            279289


Chief Superintendent of Police                                     205,833                                           247,000


Superintendent of Police                                              186,242                                            233,490


Deputy Superintendent of Police                               157,876                                            189,451


Assistant Superintendent of Police                            145.416                                            174,499


Inspector of Police                                                        133,528                                            160,294


Sergeant Major                                                             124,782                                              149,738


Sergeant                                                                          82,163                                                98,596


Corporal                                                                          58,490                                               70,182

Constable                                                                       42,252                                               50,702


With the 20% increase in the salary package of the Nigeria Police Force, the standard of living of men and women of the NPF are expected to increase, thus bridging the gap and increasing the purchasing power of the NPF


This will be the first time, the Federal Government headed by Mr. Buhari will officially increase and implement salary for the police force


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Nigeria Police Supplementary List of 10,000 Successful Constables 2022

The federal executive council (FEC) has approved a 20 percent salary increase for officers of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF).


“Maigari Dingyadi, minister of police affairs, disclosed this to state house correspondents on Wednesday after the FEC meeting presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari at the presidential villa in Abuja.”


This post will give us a clear idea of the salary structure of the most populous black nation in the world, the post will tell us more about the functions, rank, department, unit, and salary scale of the prestigious Nigeria Police Force



Functions and Duties of the Nigeria Police Force


Apprehension and prosecution of offenders


Preservation of peace, tranquillity as well as good order


Due enforcement of all laws Acts, Decrees, and other regulations for which it is directly charged



Protection of life and property


Prevention as well as detection of any form of crime.


Ranks in the Nigeria Police Force

Inspector General

Deputy Inspector-General of Police

Assistant Inspector-General of Police

Commissioner of Police

Deputy Commissioner of Police

Assistant Commissioner of Police

Chief Superintendent of Police

Superintendent of Police

Deputy Superintendent of Police

Assistant Superintendent of Police

Inspector of Police

Sergeant Major




The rank below shows the seniority of the Nigerian police force. The rank and files of the Nigerian police is affected by the current increment of the Nigerian police force. It is a way of encouraging the security and improving the security of Nigeria.

Many reforms has come and gone without any increment in the police salary. But this administration of Buhari has tremendously looked into the salary of the Nigeria police.

If the warfare of the Nigerian police is adequately taken care of it will automatically boost human power. Any country without adequate security is bound to fail woefully because of the crises rocking the economy.

The entire force absolutely needs an overhaul to enable a good working relationship of the force. For the force to operate well they must have be adequately taken care of.

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