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7 Ways to Financial Abundance and Freedom

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7 Ways to Financial Abundance and Freedom

7 Ways to Financial Abundance and Freedom

7 ways to financial abundance and freedom is very unique and necessary. Financial abundance is very important because of human needs. The need of humans is numerous therefore it requires a lot of finances. The global economy is pushing toward individual talent, thus hard work is essential to keep the clock rolling.

Finance is very broad and has a lot of positive importance. Any household without financial stability is just like a building without a roof. On a general note, the level of financial inflow and outflows is dependent on the type of work and business one engages his or herself.


In the modern economy, everyone is capitalist-oriented. The availability of capital or finance is tied down to what services or goods can render. The possibility of having enough money for both household and family depends on individual credentials.
The global demand for what to do has increasingly raised a standard for the demand for capital.

Some person graduates from school and decides to wait for a white-collar job. The decision to wait for a white-collar job is somehow detrimental to the individual if the government decides to disappoint.


Information gathered has it that most people in the prominent finance-free zone are mostly entrepreneurs. Those who work as civil servants hardly stay financially buoyant. Some of them borrow before the government pays them.
Sometimes government doesn’t pay salaries on time.

The salary itself cannot even pay the bills of the family and as such, they run into bankruptcy. Waiting for salary before paying the bills can amount to debt and it is very dangerous.

The time value of money also contributes to capital accumulation and money value. Some credit or lending company increase their interest rate so high that it drains the financial viability of the borrower.
This article will look at various work one can do to stay afloat on money and have financial freedom. Staying float is very important to every human life as far as spending is concerned. Let’s take a look at the various work to make money.

Furniture Making

Furniture making is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Currently, people want to furnish their homes with assorted materials. Furniture making can be either wooden or any form of material. Virtually every home needs furniture.
Frankly speaking, people make money from furniture and it is very viable.


The packaging involved in furniture makes it very easy for marketing. Both offices and homes need furniture including hotels churches and another living environments.

Architectural designs and artistic work makes furniture lucrative because of designs and color combinations. Most artwork is done by profession and thus the furniture is dependent on the quality and taste of individuals.
Most times, furniture is the last thing needed in the house.

Furniture is very essential that is why the demand for it is very high. Some furniture can be recycled and used for another home. Wooden furniture is mostly used in homes. furniture business is among the 7 ways to financial abundance and freedom

People make enough money from the supply of furniture and the proceeds can be used for other businesses. Rooms and other living environment needs good furniture and thus it is expected that one makes his home comfortable for business.
Furniture making is not only production but it involves sales and supply.

In Nigeria, most people prefer imported furniture materials. If you can get a good market oversea it will be very nice in the importation and good fortune can be made out of it.
For you to be financially stable in this dwindling economy, one must think of how to start up a furniture business. The market for furniture is numerous and as such no dumping price for home or office furniture. Critically speaking furniture is very lucrative.

Agricultural Storage

Storage is very lucrative in sustaining financial balance in homes. Many people neglect storage because it’s a seasonal thing. Even though people tend to make a good fortune out of storage, they still believe the money is not a quick one.

Agricultural storage ranges from grains to cereals and tubers. Agricultural produce like yam and cassava can be stored using the local method. During the time of harvest, the tubers of yam seem surplus, and as such, the excess can be stored for future sales. Agricultural storage is among 7 ways to financial abundance and freedom

Farm produce like rice, millets guinea corn, and maize can be stored in different forms and they can fetch a lot of money during scarcity. Most peasant farmers don’t know the value of their farm produce as such they make unnecessary waste.

During planting, the price of farm produce tends to increase very much. When the price increase, such products can be sold and can fetch a lot of money. The patience is involved in storing the products can help to accumulate resources.

Many businessmen and women that engage in this agricultural storage have a lot of money made from the proceeds and it sustains them financially. The most important thing is that agricultural products don’t spoil very quickly.

Some perishable products like tomatoes can be stored in their dry form. The probability of making it from the storage of farm produce is very high. Farm produce is the basic need of households, therefore, anyone in the business of storage can make a huge amount of money to take care of their needs.

Restaurant and Bars

With the rising social nature of the human populace, restaurants and bars becomes very essential and indispensable to human existence. People want to eat already food because of time and other factors. Such services need to exist.
Many Nigerian homes need exclusive taste and as such, it is very necessary to think outside of the box.

Managing food and assorted is very essential and encouraging when patronizing the outlet. For you to keep up with financial needs you must think of having a place like eateries. Restaurants is one of the 7 ways to financial abundance and freedom.

On the other hand, bars are lucrative for people that like flexing at night. Some persons derive pleasure in hanging out with friends and as such enough is spent on drinks. During festive periods like Christmas and New Year people tends to consume enough drinks.
As said previously, making fortune out of the bar is very possible and very easy if you package your business very well.

Hotel Services

Hotel services are the major booming business in the world. People travel from different places and can be stranded because of accommodation. Providing shelter becomes a very good business. Cashing out large sums of money from such a business becomes very good.

In recent times hotel services became rampant due to popular demand. Some people who travel from a distant area find accommodation challenging and it poised very challengingly for them. For you to be financially stable you must think about the hotel business. Hotel services is among the 7 ways to financial abundance and freedom.

Some hotel has clubbing facilities inside for social life. The proceeds from clubbing alone in the hotel make the business very lucrative and tempting. Sometimes people club till night and such add very important value to the hotels.
The money made alone from accommodation in a hotel is tempting because people that do business like lodging in the hotel

Transport Business

People cannot do without transport. Humans move to their various places of work and worship. Any investment in transport is not a waste because people will always patronize the business. Even though it is capital intensive, a lot is made from the business and that can make one sustain financially.

Most people involved in the transport business do not regret their investment in the business. People must travel and thus, need for transport services to be in place. Frankly speaking, the rate at which people travel is high because of the food search.
To be financially stable one needs to think about how to invest in the transport business. Transport business is among the 7 Ways to Financial Abundance and Freedom.

The transport business also includes motorbikes, tricycles, and motor vehicles. Depending on the one your hand can reach, the choice is one individual capacity.

Point of Sale

Point of sale is a business that is growing very fast in Nigeria. People tend to be tired of waiting for long in the banks before they can get their money. They resolved to POS services in other to save their time and energy. 

Even though the POS machine is given by banks the percentage deduction is very low. The turnover in the POS business is always very high. People rush to withdraw cash during weekends. In villages, banks are distant from the populace and such POS business become the other of the day.

Spare Part

Spare parts is another lucrative business moving very fast in Nigeria. People buy heavy-duty without buying the spare in the first place. When such heavy-duty has a problem the need for spare Parts becomes imminent and as such the proceeds are very high. It is among the 7 Ways to Financial Abundance and Freedom.

In developing countries like Nigeria, spare parts mostly are imported from overseas. The prices attached to them are different when selling them. Based on demand, the price can be fixed at any time or any day. The possibility of making money from this business is very high.



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