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5 Most Outstanding Schools In Otukpo Benue State

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4 Most Outstanding Schools In Otukpo Benue State

4 Most outstanding schools in Benue state are ranked according to academic performance. Parents should take note of every vital aspect that makes the school outstanding. This most outstanding school in Benue state covers its syllabus before the end of every term.

School as a citadel of learning is significant to a child’s growth. The mental development of a child is characterized by the learning process. Write from the infant stage to the adult stage people acquire knowledge through various means.

This article is specially designed to highlight the best school in Otukpo Benue state. The criteria for selecting the best school are based on performance. The performance includes Academics, sports, and the welfare of students.

Every year, the otukpo local government awards schools with high performance. The awards started as early as the second ward war. During the Second World War, awards were given based on craft. It is very logical in making the award choices.

The best schools for that period were the ones with the best craft. The craft includes: pot making, bead making, local fan making, etc. craft teachers were highly recommendable that period. During that period, the otukpo community value craft more than anything.

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History will not be complete without mentioning Mr. Okpanichi. Mr. Okpanichi is one of the pioneer craft teachers. They took their craft to the next level. The school became outstanding following the employment of Okpanichi. He gave the students adequate knowledge in areas of craft.

In a nutshell, opkanichi cannot be in your school and you don’t scoop the award. The emergence of Akpa community secondary school became the talk of the town. Students made various crafts to the amazement of their parents.

During the exhibition, parents and guests gather to appreciate their children’s school. The idea behind the award was to improve education in the community. The essence is to boost the educational system and increase competition among the students.

The schools are graded on average. Ranging from the quality of teachers and results obtained from the schools. Sometimes the local government employs the service of the outsiders to carry out the award. This singular act is for fairness and transparency.

The second edition of the award witnessed a large turnout. The large turnout was due to the quality of the ward. Students from the awardee school are recommended the best. Sometimes inter-school competition is organized to bring out the best in them.

The era of craft has passed, and now an award criterion is based on science and subjects in school. The panel of judges visits the various school environments to ascertain the level of infrastructure. Infrastructures include the library, laboratory, number of the classroom.

After a thorough assessment of all the schools in the local government, the result is submitted to the board. The school board looks into the results and compiles the list based on merit. The result is announced on both radio and television stations.

After the announcement, winning schools are expected to report to the local government secretariat to pick up their prize. The prize is in form of physical cash and other school facilities. Sometimes microscopes and computers are donated to them.

The price varies according to the rating of the schools. Schools are rated from 1-10. It depends on the average gotten by the panel of judges sent to carry out the task. Both the cash prize and the school facilities all go to the school management.

The award also includes the private school establishment. Even though private school has a different union, the government still regulates their activities. Nowadays most private schools have benefited from the award.

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The awardees are the ones that have excel so much. Great personalities gather for the presentation of the prize. Most times the governor of the State and the permanent secretary graze the occasion. The best schools also receive the state award.

Federal Government College Otobi

Federal government college otobi is located in Akpa otobi, the school has won the award time without numbers. They exhibit absolute excellence both in academics and extracurricular activities. The school facilities are of international standard.

The school stands tall among other schools in the area. Like the previous, the governor made a good remark about the school. The young science club of the school created many things. They created a solar panel that can supply the school with light.

The literal cub of the school represented the state national competition and won a gold medal. The school has a very good liberally for students research. Most of the teachers in the school are educationists.

Most of the completion in the state they normally perform excellently above other schools. This made them unique among their competitors. The fees paid in federal government college Otobi are very affordable.

What more can we say about federal government college Otobi. Student’s welfare is their most priority. Students are well fed. The school management doesn’t play their student in giving them better accommodation and learning environment.

Federal government college otobi has broken many records in areas of academics. The school invented a mini generator that can use human urine to work. That groundbreaking invention made them stand out among their peers.

The panel rated federal government college 98.09 emerge the best school in otukpo Benue state. The average is very high. This tells how excellent and complete the school is. The population for admission keeps on increasing because of quality education.

The school aptitude test is very high. Students who p. The process enables them to get the best students. It also enables them to get the appropriate class for the students.

Holy Rosary Adoka

Holy Rosary Adoka is a missionary school. The school is located in Adoka center. When it comes to discipline the school is the best.

Facilities in the school are top-notch. They can stand any form of competition. Generally, the school has raised and trained good students. Most of them are doing well in various works of life. Most of them are doing great in the university.

Holy Rosary Adoka has one of the best art students in the local government. Their performance boils down to Mr. Ogbeche who is outstanding in literature.

Holy Rosary Adoka scored an average of 89 to come second. They are good in both academics and discipline. In areas of sport, the school is outstanding. They have represented Benue state in various sports competitions and won many medals for the state.

The local government tags the school as a no-nonsense school. The school set a precedence for others to follow. They perform very well both in internal and external exams.

ST Ann’s College Otukpo

St Anns college otukpo is a single-sex school. They have good boarding facilities and a good learning environment. The school standard is high that students work tirelessly to break records. St Anns is a girl school.

The school has raised many girls in both academics and vocational studies. The rate of disciplined experience in the school is second to none. All hands are always on deck by the teachers to ensure students get the best.

St Paul secondary school Otukpo

St Paul secondary school is one of the oldest schools in otukpo. If you are looking for the best place to put your world is simply St Pauls.

The school is located at the heart of otukpo towns. They have a wonderful library and a well-equipped laboratory. They have the best set of computer and ICT centers in the entire local government. When it comes to information technology St paul is the best.

Wesley High School otukpo

Wesley is a predominant name in otukpo. The school system is that of British standards. The curriculum used in the school matches the Norwegian standards. The academic work by the students is of high and intense work.

The school has a standard laboratory for science practical. They have qualified teachers and a good learning environment. Most students are on scholarship courtesy of Methodist Church Nigeria.

Wesley High School is predominantly a science school. Students of this great school have made an exploit in science and discoveries. From time to time, the bishop visits the students to interact with them. The school provides adequate boarding house facilities and feeding. When it comes to intellectual brain work, give a credit to the school.

If any parent is looking for a better school for their children then it’s Wesley. The school management handles student welfare very seriously.

This article has revealed the most outstanding school in the otukpo local government area. Any parent wishing his/her ward good academics should look for these aforementioned schools. Because these schools are simply the best five schools otukpo State.

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