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Top 6 Ways Of Getting A Dream Job

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Top 6 Ways Of Getting A Dream Job

Top 6 Ways Of Getting A Dream Job

The top 6 ways of getting a dream job in Nigeria are vital. Getting a dream job is not always easy. The possible way of getting this dream job is to stay focused and analyze your area of strength and weakness. When you check out the possibility of getting the job it is necessary to apply.

The major mistakes applicant make when looking for jobs are numerous. The job typically requires a different approach and preparation. The truth is that the interviewer specifically looks up the content that the curriculum vitae carries.

The proper way to win the heart of the interviewer is to carefully design a CV that suits the company’s goals and objectives. Applicants should try as possible to include vital information that can convince any panel.

Getting a dream job is not always easy because of the competition involved. The number of applications always outnumbers the job slots. Sincerely speaking, the job hunt has become a trend in my locality as graduates muscle each other for the available slots.

The demand of the employers is quite different from what the applicant has in mind. The solution to the problem and the vital information of the company is very restricted. The applicant seeks to unveil the mind of the recruiter.

The policy and program of the organization sometimes affect individual job seekers. Different organizations use unique methods of hiring their staff. In a nutshell, the organization engages the service of human resource personnel to hand recruitment.

Sometimes from the advertising of the job vacancy down to final selection is handled by human resource. The department of human resources constitutes a very vital part of the organization. They carry out best for the company.

Application received in the company is collected and reviewed by the team of experts. The team of experts knows the qualified applicant to invite for the job. The truth Is that a rich CV is given priority and consideration.

The interface between the organization and the employee is the human resource department. The human resource takes responsibility for any shortcomings from the employee. The reason is that they recruit for the company.

The requirement is clearly stated in the advertisement for the applicant to see. The requirement ranges from education, age and sex. For some companies, some vacancies are just meant for female folks.

The other criteria are educational qualifications. Some vacancy and job slot demand a higher qualification therefore applicant with less qualification can’t get the job. The reason is that they see education as the criterion for the job.

The skill acquired jobs demand practical demonstration of what the applicant claim to be. Some of the jobs demand that you submit a catalog of your previous work. The experience counts in this category to show individual competence.

In recent times the job search has gone beyond writing applications and waiting for the job. The applicant will have to do what we call follow-up.  The follow-up is to let the employer know that you are still interested in the job.

The jobs available sometimes demand an expert from different fields to come together. The situation surrounding some jobs is risky that mere knowledge is not enough to get the job. This kind of job involves human life and money.

The medical line requires a trained and experienced practitioner. The recruitment is based on merit and the best applicants are selected for the job. Choosing a carrier job in the medical field is so demanding because of human life.

Twenty possible ways one can get a dream job will be discussed below. The procedures if followed can assist an applicant in getting his or her dream job. The technicality of human resources will be discussed in an organized order.

Proper Arrangement of CVS

The applicant should as matter of fact put his curriculum vitae in order. The applicant’s CV says much about him/her. The applicant should carefully sit and design a rich content CV. The human resource personnel often check thoroughly to get the best.

The CV should contain useful information about the applicant. The name of the applicant, sex, and phone number are vital. The educational background, working experience, personal skills, and additional qualification is very important.

The CV should be arranged in such a way as to attract anyone reading through it. The CV should invariably use simple and clear alphabets. Sometimes the HR department doesn’t border themselves going through a rigorous write-up.

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The CV should highlight the categories of the school attended possibly with dates. The information on the CV should tally with the credentials of the applicant. It would disastrous if there are discrepancies between the two.

The truth is if CVs are properly arranged it helps in identifying areas of interest. The more attractive the CV, the better chance the applicant pose. More clarity of contents attracts individual reading ability and more attention.

Good Application Letter

The applicant carefully drafts a letter to indicate interest in the organization. Sometimes some organizations do not require an application letter immediately. Applicant should draft a formal letter indicating a particular position he/she is applying for.

The applicant should try and write the application. The recruitment process sometimes requires an applicant to submit a soft copy of the application. Some organization prefers a handwritten application. Human personnel sometimes require that applications should be submitted in person.

More also the applicant should be clear and very brief in writing the application letter. Some recruitment personnel doesn’t have all the time to go through the lengthy write-up. The applicant should hit the nail on the head.

Critically, the essence of the application letter is to identify the real owner of the curriculum vitae. In a nutshell, the standard of writing an informal letter must be strictly adhered to. Most times formal language is most acceptable.

Preparations for Examination/Test

After submission of the application, the next phase is to prepare for examination or test. The applicant should get him/herself acquainted with the organization. The mostly private organization expects the applicant to get some brief knowledge of the organization.

Some organizations use high-standard quantitative techniques questions to test applicant’s IQ. The technique questions range from a simple one to sophisticated ones. A good applicant who wants to excel well should go through past questions.

Applicant should exhibit total versatility in preparing for the examination because he/she can’t predict the nature of the examination. The test sometimes involves current affairs questions drawn from both politics, tourism foreign affairs, etc.

The standard of the test is very high to get the best out of the applicant. Normally the organization opens applications for more than the required staff. The reason for the action is to get the best candidates.

Writing the Test/Examination

Examination always carries special fear no matter how simple it might be. The applicant fails the job test because of fear and not because the test is difficult. Before going for exams, the applicant is advised to remove exam fear in other to perform well.

Most examinations are allotted a specific time for each question. The computer-based examination is programmed and shut down immediately it is time. Optimal use of time is very important in the examination.

Some applicant ends up not answering most of the question because they waste time just on a question. In this article, my advice to the applicant is that they should skip any question that is difficult to another one. Some candidate’s poor performance is attributed to time management.

The candidate should exhibit total concentration and avoid unnecessary mistakes that can cost the marks. The totality is that some candidates are not computer friendly and as such very slow in their examination.

The Interview

Applicants should endeavor to show on time and wait patiently for the panels. Some applicants always put on a latecomers habit. Like a saying that first impression matters, therefore, he/she should be punctual. The panel is not expected to wait for the applicant.

Applicants are advised to be eloquent and exude great confidence. Sometimes the panel test applicants credential based on their confidence to a handles organization problem. The applicants should avoid unnecessary answers and hit the point.

When going for an interview, put yourself to be the best and most qualified candidates. When the applicant esteems him/herself it will be very easy to build very strong confidence. During interviews, the candidates are tested on temperament.

The ability of the applicant to control his /her temper is very important and vital. Try to calm the situation –down in other to attract applause. During the interview, the difficult question should be answered with sincerity.

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Appearance and Dress code

Different jobs demand different attires and as such applicant should be corporately dressed. Good-looking speaks better of the applicant. Applicants should dress formally while going for job interviews. Dressing responsibly attracts points.

Except a dress code is communicated to the applicant otherwise corporate attire is needed. Sometimes applicants don’t take this seriously but the truth is dress code is very important. Apart from military and paramilitary, many organizations prefer corporate attires.

Companies place more emphasis on the mode of dress because they see their staff as ambassadors. Most of the companies in Otukpo Benue state places high standards in dress code.

In choosing a mode of dressing for the interview the applicant should avoid a color riot. The color chosen should be proportional and complement each other.

The applicant who followed this article very well stands a chance of getting the job quickly. But more research could be done to boost the applicant’s chance of getting his/her dream job. Getting a job is not very easy so should put in their best.

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