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5 Most Powerful People In Otukpo/Ohimini State Constituency

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5 Most Powerful People In Otukpo/Ohimini State Constituency

5 Most Powerful People In Otukpo/Ohimini State Constituency

The 5 most powerful people in Otukpo/Ohimini state constituency are very important. Most powerful people have influenced both the economic and political decisions of the state. The power given to any person is backed by a wealth of experience.

People that matter in a place are people with influence. Some of them influence religion, business, and politics. It is important to know them for references and landmarks they have set for themselves.

In many areas of work and you distinguish yourself it is very nice and good. The exploit made in a particular field of endeavor can equally sell you out to your world. It is very critical and sensible enough for one to point out those who have made a significant impact in the constituency.

The Otukpo/Ohimini is a constituency that comprises two heavy local governments in the zone c axis of the Benue State senatorial district. It covers a very large environment and it covers an array of land and is equally spread across a very large landmass. 

Otukpo/Ohimini covers a very large political strength of Idoma land. Most of the powerful people in Otukpo/Ohimini are mostly politicians and they cover a large political class. The possibility of making it to the top in the constituency is very big.

The constituency is increasingly rich with both human and resources. Time without number the constituency serves as a decisive point in Idoma elections. The creation of the constituency gave birth to the rising of prominent men and women in the zone.

The constituency comprises two local governments in the community. The business setting and the economic activities are characterized virtually by agriculture and transportation. The most interesting thing about the constituency is that they are united.

The two local government shares some kind of ideology. The reason for the same ideology is that Ohimini is craved out of Otukpo local government and that makes it very efficient in the administration and politicking in the constituency.

The relationship between the two communities has been so encouraging in aspects of politics and economics. People in the areas see themselves as one and such they share a similar ideology and same culture and tradition.

This article will critically examine the most powerful people in the zone and the constituency. Both Otukpo and Ohimini local government has their people of reputation and wide range of value to stand out among their equals.

General Lawrence Onoja

General Lawrence Onoja is one of the most powerful people in the Otukpo/Ohimini State constituency. The military general plays a vital role in the actualization of the Ohimini local government. He hails from the ohimini local areas of Benue state. He was one time the military governor of the plateau state.

The major general was a principal officer to the then general Abacha before his arrest for an attempted coup involvement. He retired from the military in 1998 before the return of democracy in the succeeding year.

Major general Lawrence onoja has contested for an electoral position in the constituency. He has contested for the senate seat with David mark. He has lost all the elections he contested in the constituency but he remained a great figure in the politics of the Otukpo/Ohimini people.

Some of his major achievements were the creation of the Ohimini local government area. He is no doubt a powerful personality when Otukpo/ohimini is mentioned in the state. Lawrence Onoja is one of the pioneer administrators of ohimini.

During his term as a military administrator, he was able to construct roads connecting Benue state and Kogi state. He brought a radio station to Ohimini local government and has achieved many things in the local government

Senator David Mark

Senator David Mark is one of the most powerful people in the otukpo/Ohimini State constituency. He plays a vital role in the political sphere of the constituency. He has given a scholarship to students around the Ohimini/Otukpo State constituency.

David Mark is a household name in Otukpo local government. He has served both in the military and the democratic setting. He is one of the political giants both in the home and the country at large. He has served as a military governor. David Mark is among the 5 most powerful people in Ohimini.


David Alechenu Mark hails from the otukpo local government.  David was born in 1948 since then he served as a military governor of Niger State and also a communication minister. He has since joined politics in a very strong full force.

He has been a member of the people’s Democratic Party (PDP). His volatile knowledge helped him so much in the areas of his political dominance in Idoma land. He has been outstanding in the political terrain of the Otukpo/Ohimini state constituency.

David Mark has served in the senate. of the federal of Nigeria and also as senate president for four years. He is the only person that has completed eight years as a senate president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Hon. Ezekiel Awulu Adaji

Popularly called ‘Anukpo’. He is a prominent politician and a power block in the otukpo /Ohimini dynasty. He possesses a character that anyone can reckon with. He has great power to influence any election in the constituency.

Hon. Ezekiel Adaji is from Oglewu Awume in the Ohimini local government area of Benue state. He has a lot of experience in politics. He has contested many elections and won many of that elections in the local government and the constituency.

The seasoned politician is among the most powerful people in Otukpo/Ohimini State constituency. His popularity in the otukpo/Ohimini State constituency is second to none. Adaji is among the 5 most powerful people in ohimini. 

Ezekiel Adaji started his political carrier when he contested for the counsellorship seat. He won the counsellorship seat two times and which made him very popular and he gained a lot of supporters in the local government.

He further strengthens his political power when he won the Ohimini counsellorship seat two consecutive times. He was outstanding among his peers and has shown leadership qualities among his peers in the region.

Adaji went further to contest for the house of the representative seat for Otukpo/Ohimini and won. He occupies the position for two terms. He eventually lost out on his 3rd term bid during the primary election to an incumbent deputy speaker of the 8th assembly in Benue state.

He is no doubt a pillar to reckon with. He has the ability and power to influence the electorate. He has established a strong and great relationship through politicking and electoral values in the local government and the constituency at large.

Hon Christopher Adaji

Hon Christopher Adaji is a powerful politician and grass-root mobilizer. The graduate of accounting from the prestigious Benue State polytechnic Ugbokolo has a great reputation in Ohimini politics and has well-lined action and reputation.

He was born to the family of Jeremiah Adaji. He hails from Otoli Awume in Ohimini local government area of Benue state. He has the capacity of influencing youths. His great political dynasty rested on the shoulder of some prominent youth in the area.

He was one of the pioneer counselors of Ohimini local government during the Abacha administration. After the aborted democratic process, they were all dissolved and got back to democracy again. He choices politics as his carrier ever since then.

He contested for the Ohimini local government chairmanship position twice and lost. He later contested the 2014 general election and won the assembly position to represent the good people of ohimini local government.

He recon-tested and won the assembly seat again during the 2019 general election and he became the deputy speaker Benue state house of assembly.  He has distinguished himself among his colleagues in the areas of the passage of the law and state legislation at large. 

Eng. Benson Abounu

The seasoned engineer has been in politics for a quiet period. He is a respected politician in the constituency. He has served in a big position in the Nigerian television authority as a managing director.

Benson abounu hails from Otukpo local government of State. He has served the state as commissioner and in two different ministries. Eng. Benson Abounu was born in 1949 and has tertiary education and is a certified engineer.

Engineer Benson in 2015 contested under the platform of all progressive congress won as the running mate to Governor Samuel ortom.   He also won under the platform of the people e’s Democratic Party in the 2019 general elections.

Indeed, this article has carefully figured out these most influential politicians in Otukpo/Ohimini state constituency. 


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