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7 Local Equipment For Hunting and Fishing in Benue State

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7 Local Equipment For Hunting and Fishing in Benue State

7 Local Equipment For Hunting and Fishing in Benue State

7 local equipment for hunting and fishing in Benue state is very important. Local equipment for hunting and fishing helps hunters and fishermen. Benue state fishermen and hunters make very good use of the available local equipment for fishing and hunting.

Hunting and fishing is the occupation of many of our fathers. Before the discovery of oil in large quantity in Nigeria. Our founding fathers venture into hunting to cater to the family and also to provide protein for the family.

Before the evolution of modern hunting equipment, our fathers used crude methods. Even though hunting is not very easy they still have to make it in life. It serves as a source of making a livelihood. Though hunting requires absolute patience and determination people still do it.

In Benue state, hunting is lucrative because of the kind of vegetation. Some local government is blessed with animals. Some animals migrate from another state to find asylum in Benue state. Hunters were making a good fortune out of the bush.

Deforestation has caused a mass exodus of some species of animals. Some of the animals remain in the forest adapting to the territory. The government of State has done many things to stop the aggressive lumbering to save some animal species.

Some local governments are riverine. That makes it very easy for them to engage in fishing. Most fishermen in Benue are the Jukuns and the Agutus. The two people are known for their fishing and swimming skills.

Fishing is very important. It has opened different forms of succor to many homes struggling for income on how to survive. Fish can be used for different things including leather and oil. The economic importance makes it possible for the demand to be very high.

History has it that most hunters are warriors. They emerge to become very great and powerful in society. The major concern is the inability of the government to assist them in their aspect of life. Every year, Benue state is among those with great yield.

This article will categorically highlight the equipment used in hunting. Some of this local equipment is either crude or modern equipment used for hunting. Some of this equipment is locally made by the hunters or the fishermen.


Ukpa is one the 7 local equipment for hunting and fishing in Benue state. It is locally made metal. It is the modern form of trap used to hunt. The small piece of metal is shaped into a trap form. The metal is a solid one that can withstand the force of an animal. Over time in Benue, hunters make use of Ukpa for overnight hunting.

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The trap is set carefully on the walkway of the animal. Sometimes they set it close to the hole of the animal. The trap is set with bathing to lure the animal. The moment the animal decides to eat the bait it will release the upka and the animal will be hooked.

Ukpa is tied down to a tree to avoid being taken away by some big animal. Sometimes some of the animals are very stubborn. They may want to struggle for life and breath. That process of struggling can cause them to take the trap very far.

Furthermore, Ukpa has very sharp edges that can clip the animal’s body tight.  Sometimes the edges of Ukpa are poisoned to allow an easy catch. The hunter can set the trap for more than a week. The catch determines how long Ukpa is used.

The metal cannot catch two animals at a time. It is meant to catch one animal per time. The reason for the one-time catch is that it is designed to function like that. Once the hook is removed it brings its edges closer to each other.

The hook of Ukpa is very sensitive to touch. Any little touch can cause the hook to be removed completely. The hook now allows the edges to take hold of the animal. Some of the animals are very sensitive too.

Animals caught using Ukpa include Grass cutter, squirrels, rats, etc. Some animals can be very sensitive to eating baths. Ukpa can work with just a step on the hook. What kills the animal is the pain of being pierced by the edge of the Ukpa.


Alo is a traditional tool used to catch small animals. The hunter makes use of a very slim wood. The wood can be made up of bamboo trees or any strong tree. A rope is coiled around the bamboo tree. The rope is shaped and weighed to the animal’s size of the head.

The size of the head is based on assumption. Because animals’ heads cannot be the same. Alo is normally set on the walkway of the animal. Knowing fully well that the animal might pass through that walkway, the hunter positioned it there.

The wooden object can stay there for some time. It doesn’t last like the Ukpa. The moment the sun is much it can destroy either the rope or the wood. That is the more reason the hunter normally checks the Alo from time to time.

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Alo is meant for small animals like rats, snakes, and other species of birds. During dry season hunters go to the bush in mass with Alo to catch rats. If the alo is set very well at the edges of the bush, they set the bus on fire.

The process of escaping the burning bush by the animal will make enter the trap. Because sometimes they don’t look very well. The moment they shouted it was a sign that the Alo has done some work. The hunter can go quickly and get the animals.

Peradventure m you don’t go on time, the animal might want to escape. Sometimes the animal can use their teeth to tear off the rope. So if there is a signal for a catch the hunter move quickly to make sure the animal does not escape.


No doubt Egbee is among the 7 local equipment for hunting and fishing in Benue state. It is a locally-made gun. Egbee is the most effective and more secured hunting equipment in Benue state. Most of the hunters make use of these. The Egbee is made like a gun. They use a grenade to power the shot.

The bullet can be made with a nail cut into pieces. Egbee can be used to hunt any kind of animal either big or small animals. The ability of Egbee to kill more than two animals at a time makes it more unique and special.

Egbee can kill any from a very far range. The range from which the hunter can shoot is not limited to one animal. Egbee is specially made for big animals. But if any hunter decides to use it on a small animal it’s their choice.

Categorically speaking, Egbee is one of the best hunting equipment used in these modern days. The efficient use of this equipment makes it easy for hunters to have a bumper catch. Most hunters with Egbee most times engage in night hunting.


you cannot write off Eya as one of the 7 local equipment for hunting and fishing in Benue state. Eyaa is the fishing equipment. It is made of a tiny rope. Eyaa is equivalent to this modern-day fishing nets. It can be sprayed across the water overnight and patiently wait for the big catch. Normally the net is sprayed across the water.

The position of the Eyaa is very instrumental to the capacity of fish the hunter gets home. Eyaa can get big or small fish depending on the richness or species found in that area. If the fish are many, the Eyaa can harvest them all.

Sometimes this fishing equipment can be costly because of the material to be used. The riverine local government in Benue state mostly are the people with this kind of fishing equipment. Mostly people from Markudi and Agatu.


Uwor is fishing equipment made of a single line and a hook. This fishing equipment can only catch one fish per time. It has bate attached to the hook. The bait is what attracts the fish to the hook. When the fish eats up the hook it is trapped there till the next day.

The problem with Uwor is that it cannot catch more than two fish per time. Sometimes bigger fishes can take off the Uwor to an unknown destination. The possibility of retaining the strength of the hook is very minimal.

If the hook is very strong it can hold some fish for a long period. Fishermen make use of a very big stick to help in stopping some bigger fish from taking them away. Even sometimes the line is been doubled to ensure safety.


Ombli is a basket-shaped kind of equipment. It is used mostly by women. The women during the fishing festival bring out their basket-like equipment to fish for both big and small fish. The fishing festival is done during the dry season.

This fishing equipment is made from palm leaves. The palm is constructed very well to a basket shape with small openings. It can catch four to five fish at a time. Women with vibrant minds had to act very fast so that the fish do not jump from their basket.


Otaa is an arrow kind of equipment. It is mostly made of animal skin rope. The rope is made of hard animal skin. The arrow is made up of metal iron that can pierce the body of the animal very easily and fast.

The equipment can kill big animals. It can animals including reptiles. If the hunter is fast he can kill as many animals at a time. Otaa is used for a festival kind of hunting. It is one of the oldest hunting equipment in Benue State.

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