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8 Tips for Winning Election In Benue State

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8 Tips for Winning Election In Benue State

8 Tips for Winning Election In Benue State

8 tips for winning election in Benue state is very important. An election is a process of choosing a candidate to represent a group of people. Different forms of election happen every year. People select people that can represent them very well.

Depending on the system of government, elections remain the best way of representation.
Talking about the election in Benue state is something that individuals should know. Winning an election is not as easy as people think. Sometimes with all the necessary resources, one can still fail his/ her election. The electioneering process is quite vigorous.

Elections start with the interest of the aspirant and the electorate. If both interests are lacking it will be very difficult to start any process of election. Before such an elective post is advertised on the internet, process, and procedures are also followed.
Furthermore, the state can conduct its election.

The election in State is conducted by the Benue state electoral commission (BISEC). The body is in charge of the election of chairman and councillorship positions.
The forms are put for sale and interested parties pick up the forms. The interest and expression form is to ensure that the candidate is interested. The imposition of a candidate should not be considered the ultimate thing because the aspirant may lose.

In Benue state, if you want to contest you must belong to a group of a political party. You don’t contest under a name. You should have a particular party that you represent in other to be eligible for the election.
Typically speaking, the election is not for the feeble-minded.

It is an avenue to show one’s power and influence. The ability to convince an electorate is very vital in the election. Preparation is one of the key factors in winning an election in Benue state. A key figure and stakeholders usually meet in a caucus meeting to choose the best candidate for election. Mostly in Benue state is difficult to win elections without knowing and visiting the Godfathers. Godfathers play a vital role in the election process.

In Benue state, right from time, the two-party system is practiced. The primary election determines who would win an election. Possibly the ruling party in the state always takes the lead during the main election.

The power of incumbency cannot be set aside. The governor of the state act and play a major role in the election process. Because he controls the activities of the state. He is a major act in the decision-making of the state.

This article will critically look at the fundamental tips for winning the election. Both aspiring candidates and those already in power would find this article useful to them.


consultation is one of the 8 tips for winning election in Benue state. Before you win an election in Benue state, you must make a consultation with party members. The consultation is to tell them about your intention to contest the election. After the consultation, the candidate can proceed and make a consultation with the big wigs.

It is important to note that consultation is not an election. It is to let the people that matters know your intention. When you make your consultation and make the necessary finding you should weigh and see if the people like you or not.
The response you will get from them should be a tool for judging your popularity in the field.

Normally good consultation should convince the party that you are capable of winning the election. The practice of consultation is different from others globally. consultation is among the 8 Tips for Winning Election In Benue State.

But specifically, State consultation involves money and material logistics. When making a consultation you don’t go with an empty hand. Mostly you will buy some drinks and buy cola nuts to present to your party faithful.

Buying of Nomination and Interest Form

One of the 8 major tip for winning election in Benue state is buying of form. After consultation, the next thing is to look for the party you represent and pick up their nomination form. The nomination form gives you legal backing to contest the election. The party gives the go-ahead for the purchase form.

The purchase of forms is done in various party offices. Every party has a fixed different amount for their forms. The nomination form should be filled out and signed by relevant authorities. The signed form should be completed before the deadline date. buying of forms constitutes the 8 Tips for Winning Election In Benue State.

The deadline date for the submission of the form can be used to disqualify the candidates. Therefore the form must be submitted on time to avoid disqualification of your candidature. Because the opponent can use that against you.
Powerful Campaign

A campaign is a form of the political process that allows the aspirant to reach out to the electorate. A powerful campaign is essential in winning an election in Benue state. The campaign can be of different forms.

The campaign can be an open field, posters, and any other media outlet. When kicking off a campaign make sure you select a good campaign team. The campaign coordinator can look out for various ways you can reach the electorate.

During the campaign, you can tell the people what your manifesto is. What do you think is obtainable and what does your campaign promise. Identify the key needs of the community that you think you can do when elected into the office.

During the campaign try to carry everybody along. The more you carry people along the more your popularity. The sole aim of the campaign is to ensure close interaction with the people. There should be a mutual understanding with each other.
Participating In Primaries

The primary election is the selection process of different political parties. Mostly the party chooses someone who they think can represent their interest. Before you can represent any party in the general election primary election is a must.

During the primary election in Benue state, all candidates under the party must participate. The primary can be either consensus or election. In whichever way, your attention should be placed on winning the party ticket.
When you win the party ticket you have at least passed that phase. Whether be election or consensus candidate the party decision always prevails. The party gives you a certificate that you can use for the main election.

Logistics and Mobilization

Logistics is one of the 8 major tips for winning election in Benue state. Mobilization helps so much in Benue politics. The financial implication is that during your campaign everyone must at least smile. The feeding, accommodation, and transportation of your supporter are paramount.

The people are expected to be taken care of during the campaign. Both securities of the people should be taken care of to enhance a smooth campaign. Other logistics like transportation should be provided to make sure your campaign team is not stranded.

You can as well delegate someone that can handle your logistics for you. Because during the campaign you will be very busy. In other not to be taken unaware every logistics and mobilization problem should be solved early before the campaign day. Logistics is one of the 8 Tips for Winning Election In Benue State.

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Election is one of 8 major tips for winning election in Benue. The election is the day for the casting of votes. As the aspirant of the party, you are not supposed to come late to the polling unit. Election in Benue state is always competitive and tense. You have to exhibit great confidence.

On Election Day make sure your agents are unground. Your agents served as a watchdog in the polling units. Try and make sure your agent is trusted. Sometimes if the agents are not monitored closely they can compromise. Election its self is one of the 8 Tips for Winning Election In Benue State. 

Make sure the agents have the legal backing and the identification of the party. Make sure in your polling unit you ensure compliance with general election guidelines. Avoid campaigning on Election Day to avoid being disqualified.
Collation of Result

After the election, the next thing is the collation of the result. During the collation of results, things can happen. Manipulation of results can happen. If your agents are not vigilant they can rig you out of the election during counting.
You are expected to even watch your election result closely through agents. The close marking of your results can frustrate one that one to rig the result. Make sure your agent signs the result sheet.

To ensure that all the election results used are original documents. Don’t allow officials to temper with the election result. Make sure the security is very good to protect the results. That will help to reduce every form of rigging.

Ensure the winner is declared from the collation center. If not anything can happen overnight. The result should be publicly announced. Make sure the announced result is duly signed by your party agent. In that regard, the rate of manipulation will not be there.

After the declaration, the next thing is the swearing-in ceremony. Make sure you avail yourself of the swearing-in. if you don’t take the oath of office it will be very difficult to swear you in. therefore to assume the office you should try and avail yourself.

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