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7 Talented gospel musicians in Idoma and Igede Kingdom

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7 Talented gospel musicians in Idoma and Igede Kingdom

7 Talented gospel musicians in Idoma and Igede Kingdom

The 7 talented gospel musicians in Idoma and Igede kingdom are very unique. The style of music and the efforts put into music is top-notch. In as much as the idoma kingdom has many musicians, this article will discuss in detail the 7 talented gospel musicians of the Idoma and Igede kingdoms.

Music as rightly put is the food of the heart. The potential of every human is cannot be hidden. Those in circular music often take the lead in terms of money and fame. The story is quite different in the music industry now.

The different denomination now uses a different style of praising God. The essence is to praise almighty god and put the house of God in good shape. Most times people are happy in the house of God because of the music played in the church.

The melody of every church differs. People play music in the church to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to people in the church. The quantity and quality of instruments in a particular church make it possible to grow fast in music.

Music covers a lot of areas ranging from the instrumentalist down to the backup singers. Some people are talented in areas of writing while others are talented in areas of singing. Some people also exhibit the two attributes combined.

The ideology behind the gospel music in Benue state was to bring Christian to worship God in the spirit. Purposeful Christian worship has changed the perspective of most Christian in the area. God dwells in the praise of his people.

The fellowship of the brethren in Christ is the basic aim of every Christian gospel. People worship God in different directions and in different modes that can bring the presence of God. The method of worship is very crucial in propagating the word of God.

Some of the music stars of the Idoma extradition use either the local language or they use the general English language to sing praises to God almighty. Most the idoma gospel artist make use of the idoma language to praise God almighty.

This article will critically look at the gospel musician of the idoma extradition excelling in their various fields and endeavors. The practical example of a Holy Spirit-filled atmosphere is a worship environment and a good sense of commitment.

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Evan. Peter Owoicho Otulu

Peter owoicho Otulu is talented Idoma gospel musician who develops his music in the early 90ties. Owoicho Otulu hails from Ugboju in Otukpo benue state. His music has gone globally around the world. He has distinguished himself so far among the remaining music stars.

The music of Peter Owoicho is the music of the sound mind. He sings mostly using the Idoma dialect. Peter Otulu rose to prominence when he sang the popular song titled ‘OPECHI’. The song made a lot of waves across the communities.

Peter Owoicho organizes major courses for his followers and sometimes attends the major ceremony. He attends church programs, weddings, and sometimes funeral services.

Peter Otulu has made a mark in idoma land through his music has impacted so much on the land. Significantly speaking the coming of peter Otulu has increased the passion for gospel music in the land so much.

Up till now the legacies of peter Owoicho has not been filled by any other gospel musician. The bitter truth is that peter owoicho is not appreciated until he died and the remarks people gave him during the burial are very high.

Bongos Ikwe

Bongos Ikwe hails from otukpo Benue state. He has a very vast knowledge of circular music. Bongos ikwe is among the early musician of the idoma extradition. He has many many albums to his name during the 90ties.

The sensational singer has a reputation in music. He has been recognized internationally by music lovers. The veteran singer featured 2face in the latest music running the airways. Bongo’s style of music has paved way for him.

During his early daily life, bongos have a passion for music and he is very versatile with a very lovely voice that can turn the tone of any music. The story of Bongos ikwe is that of grass to grace. The sensational singer made it to the top by the grace of God.

During their time in music, music is for passion and love. Unlike today when music is all about getting money, the previous aim was to sing to entertain the fans with lovely songs. The people in the music industry know the worth of the Bongos.

The magnitude of his music can be felt very large. Bongos gets better as he clocks older. He has shown a good example of unity and peace through his music. His passion for music is very high in him. With bongos ikwe, there is no dull moment at all.

Owie Abutu

Abutu is one of the 7 talented gospel musician in Idoma and Igede kingdom. He has a unique voice. Many times he has made remarkable impact in the life of the congregation. Testimony has erupted many times during his music ministration.

Owie Abutu is a popular musician in Idoma land. His music spray across to other parts of the country. The man with an electrifying voice rises from the dunamis international gospel center. Born in Kaduna and raised there. He is one of the richest gospel musicians in Idoma land.

He has released many music singles. Some of the singles include our God is indescribable, Gwabo, and owiocho. Owie Abutu has ministered in different churches and programs. He has affected much of life positively with his music.

He is one of the 7 talented gospel musician in Idoma and Igede kingdom. The Christian family loves Abutu so much. Abutu has visited many orphanages home and has clearly shown humanitarian support to the less privileged ones. He has ministered in a big church program in glory dome the headquarters of dunamis center.

Abutu Owie is a very big figure in idoma land. The veteran music star is an idol for many in the community because of his style of worship and the music he sings. He is very hard-working and passionate about the work of God.

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Chris morgan

Chris Morgan is a sensational gospel musician from the domain of Benue state. He has released many songs and invariably left a good mark to follow. He has been outstanding in the various music of his carrier.

The man of God has released many songs to his name and very spiritual songs. The popular song ‘ulawalu e ge no’ song made waves both in the church and the circular world. His music prudence has made way for him.

He has featured in many big churches and big crusades and events. The wonderful work put in by this great gospel musician cannot be forgotten in a hurry. Aside from the music, he is married to his lovely wife and doing well in the gospel business.

Oche Johnkings

He is one of the 7 talented gospel musician in Idoma and Igede kingdom. Oche Johnkings is an Idoma born music minister of God. It will be an understatement to state that Oche Johnkings is a popular figure in the music industry. Johnkings started his music carrier in the late 90ties.

He has ministered in very big crusades including the dunamis headquarters. The vocal artist and songwriter have many songs to his name. Some of the songs include Omanchala, I run to you, seated on the throne. Currently, he resides in makurdi.

Oche Johnkings who hails from otukpo Benue state has made fortune from his music and he is still doing great in the music industry. Currently, he is the choir director of dunamis church markudi central church.

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Adams Onyenjefu

Adams Onyenjefu is a music sensation. The idoma talented musician hails from Apa Benue state. Onyenjefu sings in Idoma vocals. The veteran musician is part of those that formed the Idoma Christian gospel singers. He has organized major music in idoma. Everyone around Apa knows him very well.

Adams has a very good and melodious voice. He is seen as the golden voice. He has released much music including videos of the same music. Some of the track includes; mama Olohi, Samson olofu, and igbuleye gawander.

Bonifaith  Adigwu

Bonifaith Adigwu hails from Ejule Awume in the ohimini local government area of the State. He has been in idoma gospel for many years. Currently, he is the president of the idoma gospel musician. He has released many songs to his name. He is one of the talented gospel musician in idoma and igede kingdom.

Bonifaith Adigwu has time without number distinguished himself among his mates. Adigwu is a vocalist who has a thunderous voice to reckon with. The talented musician has drawn much of his lyrics from the holy bible. He is the president of the gospel team based in Onyagede Benue state.

The fats musician charge less for his concert. He is loved by denomination of the church. Most times he even encourages the upcoming musician by organizing free concerts. This singular act has made him unique among his peers.

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