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Most Powerful Men Of God In Idoma Land

6 Most Powerful Men Of God In Idoma Land

The most powerful men of God in Idoma land are firebrands. Idoma land is blessed with the powerful preacher of the word. They intercede for the entire community. These most powerful men of God in Idoma land have made a declaration for powerful revival.

Christianity and religion are inseparable. The possibility of God is unquestionable and god is raising generals in his vineyard to work for him. From the origin of Idoma land many men of has erupted from time to time.

The Idoma nation practically embraced Christianity very early. The missionaries did their work very well and improved the spiritual life of Idoma’s sons and daughters. The missionaries came and abolished all forms of pagan laws in the land.

Some of the local governments accepted the early missionaries but some locals refused to accept Christianity very late. Those local governments that initially rejected the missionaries are lacking behind in terms of church growth.

During the early church, any person who received the gospel is doing very well and great in their various church activities. The acceptance of Christianity has helped the Idoma nation from all forms of sacrificial religion and barbaric laws.

The concentration of Christians in Idoma land is not accidental but proof of acceptability. Christianity has come to stay permanently in idoma land. The manifestations of God’s work are evident in the grace that is working perfectly in the land.

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People travel across the globe to come and experience to work of God. Time without numbers God shows himself to his people mightily. The lame works, the deaf hears, the sick get their healing, and other miracles are numerous to mention.

The early church in Idoma land is Catholic Church. The early missionaries came from roman and established Roman Catholic Church in otukpo Benue state. The church started spreading throughout Otukpo and other part of Idoma land.

The level of the gospel spread is so fast and drastic. It redefines all forms of human life and existence. It has a great spiritual lifting of men and women across the surface of the globe. This article will critically look at the top men of god in the idoma kingdom.

DR Pastor Paul Enenche

The fierce preacher is the founder of the Dunamis church worldwide.  He is from Ogbadibo local government of Benue state. Paul Enenche started his ministry in Abuja where he was directed by god. The ministry accepted the prosperity agenda of the new era church.

Paul Enenche is a medical practitioner before he had a call to serve the Lord in the full-time ministry. His faith was tested when he had the opportunity to travel outside the country with his wife for consultancy services.

Paul Enenche’s dunamis held its first service on 10th November 1996. The services were conducted inside the art and culture complex in area one Abuja Nigeria. Paul Enenche has written several books to his name. Some of the books include the uncommon keys to financial overflow, wisdom for distinction, seeds of destiny, etc.

Paul Enenche’s ministry is influenced by Bishop David Oyedepo. Aside from bishop Oyedopo other anointed men of God also influenced the ministry. Some of them include W.F Kumuyi, Kenneth Copeland, and Enoch Adeboye.

The congregations spread across the globe down to North Africa and far Asia. Paul Enenche has one of the largest auditoriums in the world. The glory dome is a hundred thousand capacity church built in one of the major areas in Abuja Nigeria.

The church has many satellite branches spread in Nigeria. Dunamis church of course is a household name in Idoma land and Nigeria at large. The commission has raised many giants who are doing exploits in their various churches and ministry.

Pastor King Oloche Adaji

Oloche Kin was Adaji one of the most powerful men of God in idoma land. Adaji is the covenant son of Pastor Paul Enenche. He is also known for his fierce preaching of the Gospel. He has spent so many years with dunamis church. The humble man is one of the pioneer pastors in the dunamis church.

Oloche King Adaji has made an impact in vineyard of God leading so many souls to Christ and making a great impact. Pastor Adaji believes in the prosperity agenda of the dunamis church in the body of Christ.

Oloche King Adaji has pastored some big branches of the dunamis like Makurdi central church. He spent so many years in the branch before he was transferred to Rivers state. He spent a short time in Port Harcourt during the ministry era. 

Paul Oloche hails from Ohimini local government of Benue State. Precisely he is from the Otoli Awume axis of Idoma land. Oloche King Adaji studied electrical electronics at the federal university of agriculture makurdi Benue State.

He spent almost twenty years with dunamis before he was released to start-up in ministry. Pastor King Oloche Adaji eventually birthed his ministry in the year 2020. He is currently doing wonders in his ministry touching so many lives.

The city of Refuge International Church is the name of his ministry. The church is located at event center area 8 Abuja Nigeria. The church currently runs two services now with multitudes flocking to the church and a great impact has been felt.

Pastor King Omudu

Pastor King Omudu is the founder and general overseer of the shelter of glory located in Markudi Benue state. He was a pastor with dunamis church Nigeria. Pastor King Omudu was the senior pastor of markurdi church before he left for his ministry.

Though his departure from tsunamis generated a lot of controversies. According to some cycles, the pastor left the church without the mutual consent of the senior pastor. He left the church to start his ministry. 

The ministry was named shelter of glory. The church was h populated with a large congregation in the city of Makurdi. Pastor Omudu also follows the prosperity agenda of his spiritual father. He is one of the great preachers of the gospel from Idoma land.

Pastor Paul Odola

Pastor Paul Odola is an Idoma great preacher. Odola is fondly called the preaching sultan. He hails from Otoli Awume in Ohimini local government of Benue state. The fierce preacher is doing exploitation in the northern part of Nigeria.

currently, he is the vice president of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria Gombe state. The fearless preacher has a great multitude are under his ministry.  He has proven the power of God through his preaching and casting out demons.

Paul Odola has many impacts the south-south part of Nigeria through his constant crusade and visitation. He has visited cities like Delta, Port Harcourt, and another south-south zone. He greatly made Gombe a free place for Christians to worship.

No doubt Apostle Paul Odola makes the list of the most powerful men of God in Idoma land. He has shown his gift in various fields of life. He is no doubt the fast-rising general in the kingdom business.

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Apostle Bernard Emmanuel

Apostle Ben is one of the god generals rising from the Idoma land. He is the founder and general overseer of the extended voice of Zion located in the Ajegbe Benue state of Nigeria. He has made many impacts in the vineyard of the lord.

Bernard Emmanuel is known for his accurate prophecy followed by instant miracles. Many have received healing through his ministration. The brutal preacher started his ministry very early in life. He has been preaching both outside places like Lagos, Abuja, and a lot more.

Apostle Emmanuel is just the apostle you can stand for his people both in prayer and supplication. He has from me to time stood to intercede for his people. The church is gaining popularity every day and he has the capacity and the leading of the highest.

Evangelist Michael Ewache

Evangelist Michael Ewache is the founder and president of more of his majesty in markuidi. He has one of the largest auditoriums in Benue. The glory of his majesty’s church is located along Naka road markudi Benue state. He is a believer in salvation and soul winning.

Michael Ewache has organized big crusades both in the city and villages. He has contributed both financially and spiritually to the welfare of his people. From the inception of the church up till now, it has been glory and exploits in all fields.

Evangelist Michael Ewache is from Apa Benue State. He has hosted many evangelical crusades in his local government and Otukpo Benue State. His capacity is of great influence and he possesses a good character for forgiving.

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