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Top 8 gods worshiped in Idoma Land

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Top 8 gods worshiped in Idoma Land

Top 8 gods worshiped in Idoma Land

Top 8 gods worshiped in Idoma land are very important. Tradition simply put is the way of people’s life. Religion and culture are inseparable and as such should be taken very seriously. Everyone in this modern age has a culture and religion they practice. Some people are so dedicated to their tradition.

The vital question is, can tradition be separated from religion? The answer is no it cannot. Idoma people hold their religion in high esteem that is why to present they still worship their gods. The entire kingdom is been protected by different gods.

The history of the gods is passed from generation to generation. Every household must have its special gods they worship. They believe in some special kind of gods for their family and the one that gives them a favor.

The moment you are born to a family, automatically there is a religion you must choose and worship truly to stay afloat. The rationale behind this religion is the belief of the people of idoma land. Most often people traveled far and wide to worship these gods.

True religion is seen as a priority. They view tradition as a must because it has never failed them. Furthermore, People are not allowed to associate with people if they are not committed members of some religion.

They see your commitment as an avenue to be a leader. Most religious leaders are powerful traditionalists. They believe that charity must begin at home. They entrust devoted traditionalists with a powerful position in society.

The idea of entrusting traditionalists with authority is that they are seen as trustworthy and pure people. They have a special seat in the community gathering. Most often their idea is seen as the best. They are a consultant to both families and clans.

The social well-being of idoma kingdom is wholly left in their hand. In an event of any problem, they come out to rescue. Many families worship their god in different ways and directions. The truth of the matter is that they worship the same gods.

This article is going to critically look at ten gods worshipped in idoma land. The gods worshipped can be of benefit to both the citizens and outsiders. If you visit idoma land you are expected to follow their tradition and worship their gods too.


Ichepa is seen as a god of good health. Any time there is an epidemic outbreak in the land, ichekpa is consulted to weigh in and solve the problem. Ichekpa has been the gods protecting the idoma kingdom for ages.

Those who worship ichekpa never believe in hospitals. They make their sacrifices at the noon. They have nothing to fear. The sacrifices of the ichekpa range from goat ram and fowl. Ichekpa is the dreaded image of tired with rope. It’s no doubt Ichekpa is among the top 8 gods worshiped in Idoma land.

Most times ichekpa is tired of the three. It is a black calved image that looks like rope. The sacrifice is done on the tree that hosts the image. Women are not allowed to urinate under the tree. They see women’s urine as contamination.

Every year it is expected that a sacrifice must be made to the god. If sacrifice is not made any year ichekpa would be angry and can cause sickness for the entire community. Families that worship this god believe to enjoy good health all the time.

Ichekpa is transcending from one generation to another. It is expected that each family must have a representative of ichekpa. Any family without a representative is bound to face any form of health challenges melted out by the gods.

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Alekwu is a god of jealousy. It represents the gods of war and protection. Any time there is external aggression the Alekwu comes to the rescue. Most warriors diligently seek the face of the Alekwu spirit to conquer the war.

The origin of Alekwu is traceable to the ancestors that fought battle for the entire idoma kingdom. Any directive of the Alekwu during the war is considered ultimate. Alekwu is an unseen God that passes from generation to generation. This god is among the top 8 gods worshiped in Idoma land.

Alekwu according to idoma people is believed to be the spirit of their forefathers. Once they gave birth to you in Idoma kingdom, automatically you are bound by the alekwu spirit. Alekwu does not permit iniquities and bad behavour.

Women in idoma land are bound by the Alekwu spirit. Married women cannot cheat on their husbands. If any woman cheats on her husband is struck by the death spirit. It makes idoma women stay fateful to their husbands.

In other to appease the Alekwu spirit, it is expected to make sacrifices of farm produce and living animal. The sacrifice must be done every six months. During the sacrifice, it is expected that everyone stays at home to avoid the wrath of the gods.


Iyawu is the god for harvest and abundance of rain. It is fierce and non-temperamental. Anytime there is a poor harvest, the main point of focus is always the god of rain and harvest. Idoma people worship this god in other to get a better harvest from their farm.

Every season people worship this god because of its importance in terms of food and farm yield. Idoma people don’t joke with this god at all. Almost the entire land worships this god in other for their farm product to prosper very well.

Iyawu has no respect for anyone. If you alike to be a chief or servant the story is the same. The same punishment is always melted out is equal is any rules are broken. The punishment for default is always madness.

If iyawu possesses any one with madness, the person is expected to go for cleansing and make some sacrifices. The cleansing is done in a river that serves the community. Once the sacrifice is done, the madness will instantly finish.

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Akpabana is the god of rain, thunder, and lightning. The family that worships this god has the spiritual power to control the rain. They can tell the rain to fall and it will rain. They possess the supernatural power of rain and thunder.

On occasion, this god protects the environment from rain and makes sure rain doesn’t spoil the occasion. Families that worship this god in Idoma land always see their self as king of rainmakers. They are given preferential treatment on occasion. This god is among the top 8 gods worshiped in Idoma land.

If you want to host an occasion you must consult Akpadana if not the occasion will be in total mess. For every occasion, akpadana is expected to eat like two life fowl as sacrifices. If the sacrifices are not met, anything that happens you have to bear it.


Apploh is a dead god. People who worship this god are classified as bad people in society. Apploh is the god that sends sickness to people. People go to collect power from this god in other to destroy their enemy.

Apploh is sent through incantation to the targeted person. The god can kill by inflicting somebody with sickness. The outcome of this illness is not always funny. The worshipper of this god always makes the sacrifice to Apploh.

This god is gradually fading away because people see it as a very wicked god. They see apploh as a dangerous god. It does not have mercy on anyone. Whenever Apploh kills anyone the person is buried immediately to avoid further death.


Ojijih is a god of elevation. The god is located in a mountain and hilly places. The worshipper goes to a mountain top to worship and makes their sacrifices to their god. Normally they see ojijih as the god of promotion and promotion in place of work.

Those in Idoma land can never stop worshiping this god because it has elevated most of their son to a place of high authority. Mothers and fathers worship this god for their children in cities and town so that they can promotion in their office.

It is expected that you give adequate respect and dedication to ojijih any time you have promotion. If proper sacrifices are not performed, the ojijih can drastically make you demoted. So if are worshiping this god are expected you make sacrifices when due.


Ogbanje is the god of wealth and money. People who worship are classified as rich people and money. Anyone worshipping this god and does not have money is seen as some that are committed. This god is selective.

Ogbanje favors some people and despises others. Most wealthy people of idoma land enjoy the favor ogbanje. The god is made of a wooden image and cannot move or talk. It is powerful in making someone enjoy sudden wealth.


Eku is one of the top 8 gods worshiped in Idoma land. this Eku is a god of modesty and justice. Any time people have a dispute they seek the face eku for settlement. Anyone guilty cannot swear before god because it can strike someone dead. If you know you are guilty of any crime you have to beg eku for forgiveness.

Eku suffers from nobody for wrongdoing. It gives room for confession and reduction in punishment meted out for anyone. Those who worship this god are seen as judges to settle any case that can be resolved by mere negotiation.

In the process of judging, the worshipper will tell both the accused and defendant to speak the truth in order not to incur the anger of the god.

This article has critically looked at the religion and traditional god of idoma land. People of idoma extradition not at home are bound by this god.

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