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Top 6 Challenges Of A State

Top 6 Challenges Of A State

Top 6 challenges of a State are either internal or external. Any country or state that wants development should stay void of some social vices. The platform for any state to grow is a function of economic practices.

Manmade problem outweighs the problem created naturally. For a developing country, the series of economic tests and political stability should be a lesson learned very fast.

Some youths in the state sometimes make it difficult for the country to be governed. They embark on some kind of unfruitful protest. Sometimes same youth form a group that destabilizes the economy. It is an affront to write off an eternal problem.

The country should have a control policy not to fall victim to these social vices. Because these vices eat up the economy very fast. They should foster economic planning and increase the balance of the populace.

The growing concern should be how to tackle all the enemies. Enemy of the state here is used to depict the various things that can hinder the growth of the economy. The real GDP, Inflation, Cash flow, and currency valuation are all part of the problem.

If the state has sufficient resources to tackle the problem confronting them. It becomes very easy to correct areas of leakages and possible amendments. If the problem is not detected very early it can lead to serious damage.

The earlier the better for the country to fight such an enemy the better for them. Some locality where problems emanate from always has some demand. If the demand of such an area is not met there seems to be tension. In Nigeria for instance, some sectional demands can increase tension in another part of the country. The agitation for the Biafra republic has caused some tension in the East. While the Ogoni people in Rivers state constantly demand Ogoni clean up.

This article will look at various enemies of the state. It will take into cognizant of the various worm and diseases eating up the nation. If the following is checked then it will be very easy for a country to detect the lingering problem facing them.


Corruption is warm-eating into p the system. It ranges from embezzlement of public funds down to breaching of fundamental human rights. Some person decides to take what belongs to everybody. In the light of this that humans become either aggressive or rebellious.

Some political classes mismanage the resources of the country. They consume almost every resource of the mass. A country governed by corrupt leaders can never move forward because there is no developmental agenda for the masses.

Be it as it may be, corruption is not a friend of any country that wants to progress. The progress of a nation and development all lies in the hand of the leaders. So if the top is corrupt it will affect the entire system.

If due process is not followed in awarding contracts amounts to corruption. In the present situation of Nigeria, many paper contracts are awarded without the necessary due process. Money was embezzled leaving the common man to suffer it.

Corrupt politicians have retarded the growth of many nations. It has practically made people start losing fate in the government. Practically speaking, the number enemy of most states or nations is the corrupt practices going on everywhere.


Cultism is eating deep into the life of the younger generation. Times without number blood are shed without just a course. Killing and miming innocent life through cult-related activities can reduce the growth and development of the nation.

The act of belonging to a confraternity that is dangerous is called cultism. This particular enemy of the state is common among the youths. Cultism is practiced in schools and at times working environments. This set of human cause nuisance to the country and community.

 The practice is sometimes sponsored by the top political class. These political classes make use of them during elections and allow them onto the street. They empowered them with guns and other ammunition. Those boys make use of these devices against themselves.

Furthermore, the misplaced priority of these rampage youth has consequential implications on the country. Most of these youths turned out to be armed robbers and highway kidnappers. The effect is sometimes adverse that it takes time for the state to recover.


Terrorist activities are a major enemy of the state.  A group of persons working against humanity. They derived joy in killing innocent lives and destroying the property of human beings. The clear distinction is this terror group kills for nothing.

In recent times, Nigeria has been thrown into total unrest because of terrorist activities. Their aim and purpose are not even defined. The recent bombing and killing in northern Nigeria have placed the country in a dark mood.

The insurgence of Boko Haram has caused a security threat. Both life and property of the country have been put into destruction. This set of people makes the country ungovernable. They hold the country to ransom.

The sectional part of the country made it very bad for someone to have peace. Sometimes they bomb strategic parts of the country like schools, hospitals, and markets. The act of terror is a major concern to a country’s economic wellbeing.

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War is a manmade disaster. During the g war, people lose their lives. Both the military and the civilian are affected adversely. The economic implication of war is very worrisome and cannot be overemphasized. Innocent citizens for no reason lose their lives and property.

Come to think of it, during the First World War and the Second World War many countries suffered a lot. War is not something somebody should pray for because it affects the economic balance of the state.

It creates a harsh avenue for people to survive. During the war, everything about the country stays idle and adamant. Sometimes war is between two country(s). In Nigeria for instance, the Biafran war affected the peace and unity of the country.

Furthermore, the impact of the world war is still greatly felt by some countries. They have not even recovered from the shock of the war. Some countries are affected by their vegetation. Such countries never prayed for world war again.

The country that fights each other always become enemy of themselves. They always don’t have anything In common. They proved seems to show superiority among themselves. Diplomatic ties are always shattered among the fighting country.

The outbreak Pandemic

A pandemic is a natural disaster. It is the outbreak of deadly disease and sickness. Sometimes the pandemic has no traceable cure. The recent pandemic outbreak of the Covid 19 has dealt with so many countries.

The global shutdown recently is a testament that the emic is a disaster to the state and country. It is the experience that no country in the world should ever crave. Countries around the world shut down to reduce the spray of the pandemic.

Some pandemics for a very long time. It is very critical to state that during the coronavirus period millions of lives were lost. People were restricted to travel from one country to another. International flights were all suspended.

The story continues and it shook the world. It is very loud and clear that a pandemic affects both social life and the movement of people. The worst case is that this pandemic kills very fast. Experts tried very hard to get a better discovery to cure but it takes time.

Despite the restriction and shutdown, the pandemic still decides to spread very fast. Medical personnel also lost their lives because of this pandemic. The destruction caused by this pandemic is very serious. It will take states and countries years and decades to recover from it.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis are dangerous to the state. It is not caused by humans. But the effect is hard on the economy. Imagine the lives lost during the earthquake. Most times properties are adversely affected.

Those countries of the world prone to natural disasters are always vulnerable. They try to come out strong. Sometimes when they struggle to put things they still end up being struck by a harder one. It cripples the activities of the state.

Countries sometimes hit by heavy wind called cyclones. It consumed the life and properties of the state. No country ever prayed for natural disasters because of the negative effect they had on the state and economy at large.

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