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Top 8 Secrets of Peaceful In Awume Kingdom

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Top 8 Secrets of Peaceful Marriage In Awume Kingdom

Top 8 Secrets of Peaceful Marriage In Awume Kingdom

Top 8 secrets of peaceful marriage in Awume kingdom is very vital. Marriage is an institution formed by God. The understanding between two people to live together is very important in human life. Often, both parties are of different ideologies and backgrounds. The choice is based on preference.

Systematically, a union between two parties should entail mutual benefits. The decision to stay together and have children is vital. For some people it is an achievement while to some is just a normal obligation.

The determination to stay together is the sole decision of two grown-up adults. The emphasis is placed on whether the marriage is going to be successful or not. Marriage as rightly put is a school of lesion till eternity.

In modern society, people make use of different mediums to get their choice in life. Some marriages are term illegal based on the belief and traditions of that particular area. There is no global standard of marriage.

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The best way of marriage might be the worse way of marriage in some quarters. Significantly, marriage shapes human life and the responsibility of humans. The moment the vow is exchanged, both parties start thinking very far from the beginning.

In addition, marriage open up closed doors and the destiny of people. That is the belief of some persons in the Christian race. The reality of life is when you move into the marriage. Some persons take marriage as a bed of roses and to others, it is not.

The joy of marriage comes with emotions attached. The irony of life is that some person loses for others to gain. People indulge themselves in different things all in the name of marriage. The truth is that marriage is not just one day.

Categorically speaking, in Awume kingdom marriage is celebrated with both financial and material resources. Awume people always hold married couples in high esteem than single individuals. This singular act makes a single crave marriage.

This article shall unravel the ten pills of keeping a home or marriage in Awume kingdom. Anyone that what to be successful in the Awume kingdom in terms of marriage should consider the following pills to sustain the marriage.


Any woman that wants to survive and maintain a healthy marriage must know how to cook very well. The variety of dishes to be cooked should reflect the choice of the husband. While some men cheat on their wife is because of cooking.

In Awume kingdom, men don’t like eating outside or in restaurants. Majority of men like home-prepared food. Speaking, men from the axis prefer women that cook very well to beauty. To keep your home very well, cooking should be given adequate priority.

In a nutshell, for you to win the heart of man from Awume kingdom, you must be masterful in cooking. People think is just beauty that wins a heart of a man but just try this first pill and the problem in marriage will become things of the past.


character is one of the top 8 secrets of peaceful marriage in Awume kingdom. Character is the second pill in this article. This pill cannot be hidden for life. In as much as you pretend one day the real character will show up. Character ranges from the mode of greeting, tone, stewardship, etc.

A popular saying that character is more than gold is very true because a woman or man without character is just nothing. Many homes and marriages are torn apart because of bad character from both parties.

A situation where husband and wife refused to greet themselves because of just a minor argument is very bad. Sometimes the woman will not even allow the man to talk and holds on to her opinion every time can crack down-home or marriage.

 Negative energy makes husband and wife separate because of unresolved differences and such is not hygienic for marriage. Some couples lack morals to keep their home and marriage from collapsing. The result of a failed marriage is a mockery.

Some ladies exhibit absolute pretense when dating. They shades their true color and identity which turned out to affect them later. If you want to have a good home, pretense should be avoided and trust should be built and not compromised.


one of the top 8 secrets of peaceful marriage in Awume kingdom is infidelity. Infidelity is the crash of marriage. Many homes crash these days because of infidelity. The question is? , what makes spouses cheat on each other. Sometimes the devil uses infidelity to crash a lovely built home and scatter everything.

 Any home characterized by infidelity is doomed to fail and collapse out rightly. Significantly the resultant effect of infidelity has a multiplier effect on both couples. Any home that wants to experience peace should never compromise its emotions for anything.

It is necessary to state here that intimacy should be a priority at home. When any of the parties starve the other it will become a concern and suspicion will set in place. Therefore any home full of suspicion is void of a total crackdown.

The fundamental part of any marriage is trust. Negation from the original state of one person can drastically change the narratives and both parties will have to bear the consequence together. In totality, it is volatile to trade intimacy out of wedlock.

Infidelity starts when both parties start showing attributes of cheating on one another. The wife is going out likewise the husband. When it becomes crystal clear that both parties cheat on each other the home will become shattered.

The problem of infidelity is most common in the celebrity class. Stories emanate from different quarters. Sometimes social media form an integral part of escalating stories fabricated by someone with an interior motive.

Time and Resources

Spending quality time with each other can go a long way to cementing a relationship. The time spent with one another can be used to discuss pressing needs and discuss any issue affecting both parties negatively.

Sometimes, families do not have time for themselves just because of personal engagement. Personal commitment can cause a delay in returning home from work and not returning home completely at all. Sometimes either the husband or wife would want a company.

Time and resources are very important to keep the home in good shape. Both parties should avoid hiding resources from each other. Resources include money, materials, properties, etc. The attitude of hiding things from each other can be a huge problem.


The issue of trust is very important. No matter the smooth nature of marriage, the issue of distrust set in can destroy a strong relationship built for years. Husband and wife are supposed to have mutual trust in each other.

Any home without trust is running toward the end. Categorically there should be a bound of open-mindedness if the home wants to prosper and cherish in harmony. Always tell yourselves the truth for peace to reign.

The husband should vouch for the wife on matters unknown to him. Trust makes both parties sleep in peace. Distrust makes someone sleep and wake up in the mid night and start checking the phones of the other one.

Culture and Tradition

culture and tradition is one of the top 8 secret of marriage in Awume. Awume has a very strict tradition. The moment the tradition is flaunted can result in adverse effect. As a married woman, you are not expected to visit another man without the knowledge of your husband. It is expected that you visit with your husband.

In Awume the gods of jealousy can frown at any woman visiting another man. If the notice of such is brought before the man, the woman is expected to carry out the cleaning. Cleansing involves sacrifice to appease the gods of the land.

In totality, if you want to have a very blissful marriage in Awume you must understand the culture and tradition of Awume people. In a nutshell, the ability of any woman to perfectly understands the culture and tradition helps in building a home.

Love and Respect

Love and respect is one of the top 8 secret of peaceful marriage in Awume kingdom. Love and respect are things cherished in Awume kingdom. Both husband and wife should exhibit this trait in other for the marriage to move smoothly. Any family without love and respect batters each other with insult and hatred.

Respect should be replicated by both husband and wife. Love and respect make way for understanding between the parties regardless of their flaws. The love and respect make it easy to align with one another.

The vital part of marriage is love and respect for each other. Any home love and respect take charge they flourish in happiness and prosperity. In our society today, the love and respect among families have helped immensely in building the home.


The people you associate yourself with matter a lot in marriage. If you associate with the divorcee your marriage will start gearing up in that direction. The ability to manage good friends forms an integral part of the home.

Like the saying, evil communication corrupts good morals. Therefore a home in need of peace knows who they keep as friends. Association shapes the home and gives direction to the family. Awume people believe in a godly association.


one of the top 8 secrets of peaceful marriage in Awume kingdom is forgiveness. Any home that wants to experience peace should learn how to forgive each other. Forgiveness is paramount to keeping any home in a good state. In the family, husband and wife should learn how to forgive and forget wrongdoings.

I hope if critically followed, the top 8 secrets of peaceful marriage in Awume kingdom will make your stay well in the home and keep the marriage in good shape. This article has made a bold step in building a good home and stepping up to expectations.

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