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LASTMA  Updated Salary Structure & Rank  

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LASTMA  Updated Salary Structure & Rank  

LASTMA is one of the state traffic official by the Lagos State government. Over the time their activities has helped in maintaining free flow of vehicular movement and also reduced the accident rate in Lagos. They have been of good help to the ever busy town.

LASTMA Salary Structure & Rank is based on merit and the government is doing everything possible to make sure they get the best and competent officers. Lagos State Traffic Management Authority LASTMA is responsible for traffic Management, Control, and enforcing traffic legislation on road users, it is a body used to control the ever-increasing traffic in Lagos state Nigeria and make sure offenders are appropriately sanctioned.

Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) is state-owned, Men and women working with LASTMA have fair take-home-Pay, with many more benefits to take care of their needs and other personal needs.

The salary structure of LASTMA is different from that of the neighborhood because of the job duties and specification of duties. They both go home with different pay and remuneration according to the salary structure  of both of them.


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Lagos State government is working tirelessly to increase the pay structure of LASTMA. We believe in due time something will be done about it. As soon as the legislator considers the approval  we will still let you know.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO),

General Manager (GM)


Field Agent

LASTMA Salary Structure

LASTMA salary structure is one that is secretive, even officials and state actors won’t give you such information, but there is nothing hidden under the son, LASTMA workers themselves show their pay alert to friends and families

LASTMA official on average earns 30,000 to 60,000 as their take home. The salary varies according to rank and files of the officers. So you must be patient and hardworking to get promoted and start earning very big for yourself.

“Although most higher-ranking officials of LASTMA such as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), General manager and various Directors are estimated to earn more than the figures mentioned above”

General Requirements for LASTMA Recruitment

All interested applicants must possess these criteria before making an application:

A means of Identification

Possess an O’Level result or its equivalent;

An applicant with a higher educational background will be an added advantage for such applicant;

The applicant must be a Nigerian citizen;

Any applicant with criminal case in the past or currently will not be accepted;

No applicant with deformity will be shortlisted

How toApply for LASTMA Recruitment 2022/2023

Quickly start the application here https://lastma.lagosstate.gov.ng

Fill all the bank space

Ensure to   upload relevant docs where applicable

Make necessary verification before you submit


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