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Top 10 Ways To Make Women Happy

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Top 10 Ways To Make Women Happy

Top 10 Ways To Make Women Happy

Top 10 ways to make women happy is very essential. To make women happy in a relationship or marriage differ. To make a woman happy you need to be patient. This article will identify the top 10 ways you can make a woman happy without a problem.

Women are very sensitive to emotions. They are the weaker ones. They like to pet and always want attention. Having a relationship or staying with a woman is not easy. Sometimes they can be provocative.

The essence of this article is to look out critically to highlight the ways of making women happy in a relationship. Making someone happy is not difficult depending on the person in question. It will be very difficult to please her all the time. They have turned it into something of endurance. One of the ingredients to bring up a good house is to make your woman happy. Happiness is free but is hard to get.

Sometimes we offend each other. The major priority is just forgiveness trying to try to get in acquaintance with one’s character. Bringing happiness to one is very demanding because of individual differences. We must make sure we live a life of happiness.

Moreover there moreover you cannot give what you don’t have. Any time we are faced with challenges we should try and solve the issues as fast as possible. The growing concern should be how we make sure we live a happy life.

Human has different characters and different ideology. Both parties are different in background and family brought up. We must make sure we tolerate the character of the other folks very well. In a due season, the happiness that we look for will surely surface.

This article will openly discuss the necessary that can make your woman happy. The list here we teach not only happiness but also it we teach peace in many homes. If the points are critically examined it will go a long way to shaping family happiness.


Appreciation is one of the top 10 ways to make women happy. It is fundamental to every home. when your woman does something good appreciate her with verbal words. Thanking your wife can be either after eating her food or after giving you other things.

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More also, when you give your wife an assignment and she performs well don’t hesitate to thank her. Appreciating her will give her the moral to do more. She will feel very happy that her effort is been acknowledged.

Even though she did not nd for your appreciation, don’t take it for granted. It will go a very long way to make her happy. Appreciation is the key to every good and purposeful home. Sometimes when you look at your wife’s outfit, just appreciate her.


Attention is another tool to make your wife happy. If you are the busy type, try as much as possible to find out the time and spend with her. Making adequate preparation for her being is the greatest gift of happiness.

 Some women just need attention more than any other thing. Giving them attention makes them look important. It makes them think they are your priorities. More also we should listen to them any time they make complaints. We should be open to their discussion and know their areas of interest. They are setting things that they are passing through and will like to share with us. The vital aspect of happiness is just attention.

We can even ask them to raise a topic of discussion. The necessity of the topic is to enable them to say their mind. You can ask your woman to tell you bedtime stories. It will go a very long way in strengthening the joy and happiness of your spouse.

Buying Of Gifts

No doubt buying of gifts is among the top 10 ways to make women happy. Women like gifts so much. If you want to get them fast then you must be ready to flash them with a gift. Seriously speaking, the women folks so much delight pleasure in gifts. During festive periods and occasions try and give her a surprise package.

They must not req for the gift before you buy it for them. Identify what your woman likes so much and buy for her anytime you think she is down. Even if the gift is not much, she will appreciate it so much. That’s is why is better to identify her gifts.

When giving her the gift, make sure you tell her sweet words. Those words can go a long way to make sure the gift is well appreciated. If asks ask for a change of the gift please try every possible best to change it to her taste.

Appearing Good

 Appearance matters a lot. There are setting times your woman might want you to look good. She will be very happy if you look cute to her. Because women like prestige and as such, they will want a good-looking man.

Some women don’t like dirty men. It makes them feel sad if their man is very dirty, especially on occasions. Women would like to showcase their men in various places they appear. As a man, you can have little resources and as well package yourself.

The major thing ladies lookout for is physical appearance. Sometimes they don’t like bushy hair or may keep the beard. They like clean men with good-looking faces. Therefore as a man, you need to make sure you keep this necessary thing alright.

Be Romantic

Romantic is among the Top 10 ways to make women happy. Being romantic is essential for women. The women folks are very emotional and anything little gets off of balance. That is why is very important to tell your wife or woman sweet words.

You can curdle your woman anytime you discover that she is emotionally down. Even during cold, you can make her body warm. She will be happy if you can make her feel like a woman. The essence of this is to ensure she is not lonely.

Some women like soft bedroom voices. Don’t use harsh words on them. They are happier I you use a very soft words for them. Every woman’s happiness depends on the state of mind of the man. In nutshell try and be romantic with your wife.

Communicate With Her Frequently

Calling and frequent communication with your woman makes her happy. Especially whether both are not staying together. If you can communicate with your wife and hear from her she will be very happy.

Nowadays social media has taken over the world. You can chat her up and communicate with her very well. Sometimes you can call her on video calls to see her face and see how she doing. The happiness will be very high and she will miss more.

The number of times you call your woman should not be limited. The more you call her or chat her up the more she thinks you care about her. The attention placed on her calls will determine her value to you. Anytime she thinks about she will be happy.

Tease Your Woman With Jokes

Tease your wife with love jokes. Any time you within them, makes her laugh. Makes sure a moment with her is not a dull moment. Make her active and be very careful not to crack expensive jokes that will hurt her feelings.

Jokes make women taught and can forget anything you have done to them. Vividly speaking, the level of jokes with your woman makes her feel your absence anytime she is not around. Even though you are not close to her try and write some jokes and send them to her to read. Makes a list of jokes that keep her happiness very high.

Satisfy Her Sexually

Makes sure you satisfy her sexually. Sometimes if you don’t satisfy your woman sexually she will think you are cheating on her. Make sure you read and understand the mood. Makes her mood your priority and ensures she feels very well.

Furthermore don’t claim to be tired when she is in the mood. Most ladies are happy with men that satisfy them sexually. Anytime she is not in her mood don’t force her so that she doesn’t lose her happiness in other to please you

Do Not Cheat On Her

Cheating is one thing that women hate so much. When you cheat on your woman, it makes you insecure. Sometimes if she gets to know that she will be very angry. In some religions, a man is not allowed to marry more than one wife.

Any husband who cheats and messed around with different women is not good. Women are so jealous to a point that they can go the extra mile to hurt any cheating husband. Because that singular act alone has taken their joy from them.

Avoid Argument with Your Woman

To avoid argument is one of the Top 10 ways to make women happy. Avoid quarrels with your and unnecessary argument with your woman. Sometimes you may be wrong so try and listen to her advice. When she is on the right track make sure you listen to her. When you take her advice she will be very happy.

Anything argument breaks out, try and deploy diplomacy. Because you are the stronger side compliment her weakness with your strength. If you do that she will be very happy with you and also she will feel very elated.

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