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Top 7 Awesome Causes Of Domestic Violence In Ohimini

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Top 7 Causes Of Domestic Violence In Ohimini

Top 7 Awesome Causes Of Domestic Violence In Ohimini

The top 7 causes of domestic violence in Ohimini are very important. Many homes in Idoma land have suffered one form of domestic violence or the other. The major problem faced by many homes in Ohimini Local government.

Domestic violence is not good and should not be welcomed in any state. People that suffer domestic violence are mostly women. Women are the weaker vessel. The climax of most domestic violence seldom ends in tragedy.

The remote cause of domestic violence in Ohimini Benue state is wrong marriage. Parents should not force their children to marry anyhow. Sometimes forces force their children to marry someone against their wish.

As much as you want the best for your child it shouldn’t to their detriment. Marriage is not a bed of roses but should not be hell. Couples face a lot in their marriage and tolerance should not also be left out.

Most cases of domestic violence recorded are purely a misplaced priority. It can be when interest supersedes love and affection in marriage. The true definition of love is completely out of the hook. How can you force marriage?

 Some intending couples don’t even know the task ahead of them. They enter marriage completely ignorant without knowing the ingredients that make up a marriage. Domestic violence in Ohimini has wrecked many homes in many areas.

The institution of marriage should be a thing of enjoyment and not a wrestling ring. The abuse of marriage by both parties should not be promoted. Frankly speaking, the rate at which people are going towards marriage this day has a negative implication.

 Everyone deserves a better life. The essence of marriage is not just to bear children and suffer. Some people go through emotional and physical torture. It is not supposed to be so. If you think the marriage is not compatible again the way out is just separation.

This article is critically designed to unveil the top 7 causes of domestic violence in Ohimini Benue state. If the article is critically examined, the rate of domestic violence will reduce to a minimum level. Both parties should as matter of fact learn to live compatibly with one another.

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Anger is one of the areas that one needs to work on. People should learn how to control their temper.  The majority of people act faster than their temper. They always act before they think. That thing has made many families scattered and destroyed.

The problem caused by anger in a few minutes cannot be repaired in years. Both parties should try as much as possible to identify their areas of difference that can generate anger. When one party is angry, one should be able to calm down.

Both parties having anger issues are very disastrous. Most times our adrenalin hormones can provoke our state of mind. Thus there is every tendency for one to get angry but the ability to resist it makes you a true man.

Anger is seen as a psychological balance between happiness and negative mood. The mood switch normally comes with different actions. Some parent shows their anger clearly for people to see them. They can abuse the entire family.

Pressure and Frustration

It one of the top 7 causes of domestic violence in Ohimini. Pressure and frustration are enemies of peaceful homes. Pressure can make someone act differently. It is one of the major causes of domestic violence. When demand for things that your husband cannot becomes much, pressure will set in.

Major cases of domestic violence are born out of pressure and frustration. The magistrate court in ohimini has recorded a lot of cases similar to either a man or woman complaining of how pressure made them fight.

Furthermore, for the family to stay peaceful, both parties should understand themselves. Both husband and wife should understand the capability of each other. They should understand each other both in financial matters and otherwise.

Sometimes the problem might not be much but it can linger for a long time. Unnecessary pressure can make any of the parties provoke and the problems arise rise from there. It is very accurate to state categorically that pressure is not good for the family.

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Without a doubt, infidelity is one of the major causes of domestic violence in Ohimini. If both husband and wife don’t trust each other is very bad. Cheating is one thing that no individual is supposed to engage in marriage.

The moment cheating starts in a marriage, both parties will start showing a negative attitude towards themselves.  Both feelings and emotions might die completely if infidelity sets in. Ohimini culture never allows cheating in marriages.

If the husband is suspecting the wife of cheating, the attitude will change. To keep your home very peaceful and safe, all forms of cheating must be stopped. The area which is to be amended should be looked into and both parties should work things out.

Wrong Marriage  

Wrong marriage is very bad. Marrying the wrong person makes it very difficult to love. If love is not in any marriage is difficult always to cope with each other. The essence of marriage is love. If a couple marries wrongly it will affect them.

The parents in Ohimini always have the mind to give their children a husband. Any marriage where the wife or the husband is not happy is bound to experience domestic violence. The need to choose a life partner by oneself is very important and necessary.

If we can sit and think very well, it is not good to force someone into marriage. The negative effect of wrong marriage is very bad. The man and the woman comes from different areas and different backgrounds.

Furthermore, a marriage that is out of general acceptability by both parties is not good. It is very important to ask or seek the consent of both parties before joining them together. Homes that suffer domestic violence are always homes without love for each other.

Personal Ego/Belief

When personal ego supersedes love, the resultant effect is always bad. The man and the woman evergreens on anything. They always believe that they are always right. In any marriage where everyone is claiming rights, violence is bound to happen.

Like a saying, two wrongs can never make a right. If two parties have the same ego, then submission becomes difficult. The process of claiming superiority can amount to argument and later leads to violence. Some people believe that man is always right.

Their beliefs eat them deep to a point of hitting their wives or children. Religion plays a vital role in the family structure. Some culture allows men to beat their wives. The culture in Ohimini allows men to beat their wives. If their ego is not controlled, it will affect the marriage of both parties. It is a suffix to state that personal ego causes most domestic violence in Ohimini Benue state. If both parties can fix their ego, issues of domestic violence will be half solved.


Illiteracy is one of the things killing our society today. Most people beat their wives because of their primitive state and nature. If couples are educated they thither better. The primitive nature of people around the Ohimini axis makes it difficult for them to take care of their wives.

I think ignorance is what causes people to even fight. The family lacks necessary exposure and as such, they engage in a physical brawl. Looking forward is to making sure that marriage receives adequate orientation and proper grooming.

The avenue for marriage counseling is not found in Rimini. That is why marriage in ohimini suffers domestic violence so much. If the necessary avenue for education is put in place people will have more knowledge of the future. My kind advice is that before going into any marriage, couples should embark on counseling.


Some people grew up in a violent families. The story of those people remains the same. So on getting their own family they will want to make practice it. Anytime the memories come to them, they feel like practicing them.

Most people in the drastic violent home always want their home violent. The possibility of them taking off such memory is always slim. In a nutshell, such kinds of people in ohimini are the ones that promote domestic violence.

It may interest you to know that some couples stay with their parent. Those of them that stay with their parents take instruction directly from their parents. The major outcome of this is that such parents dictate to the couple what to do.

If the nature of the parents is violent, the children will learn how to be violent also. It is very critical and glaring to state that many homes failed due to lack of home training. If you have proper home training it is difficult for you to hit your spouse.

If this article is carefully looked at, the top 7 causes of domestic violence in Ohimini can be reduced. The preventive and proactive measures are very much important. The rate of this violence should be checkmated and appropriate measures should be implored.

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